My Blog Rocks - Fiona Said So

Yay!! I got an award from Fiona over at a reader's random ramblings... and you can see her post here.

She so totally deserves this award because I think her blog rocks (but you are not supposed to tag back) & I love all the school stuff she's been posting lately. Seriously check her blog out!

I've been blogging for myself for a couple of years now, I'm still pretty new to the "public" blogging, so this is totally cool. My very first award.

Now I have to pick the blogs that I want to share it with (oh me - I have to narrow it down to how many?). The list that I follow is growing so quickly (and covers alot of bases) - but I would like to share this award with the blogs that I visit frequently.

I stop by J.Kaye's daily. Love to see all her neat book reviews, world class challenges, tons of giveaways & read all the guest posts (if you haven't done so yet - read Ed's post on roller coasters - it is just too funny).

Gotta say Tena's blog title caught my eye before I even read anything else Crazy Book Slut but I love stopping over there to see what her views are on the series I read.

Can't comment much on Alaine's blog - for some reason there's a glitch, but I stop by every day to catch up on what she is reading - see her posts over at Queen of Happy Endings or at Royal Reviews (yet another great site).

Pizza Books Discussion is another daily stop. He's doing a really great job at getting the YA view point out there & doing it really well.

And I just started following the Domestic Witch and I love her posts on witchery.

Jenn of Not Exactly Bento posts totally yumminess. Pictures of bentos, food, shopping, and I just love her tutorials they are the best.

And I can't forget Shoppingmom over at Mothering Corner rocks some easy to make kid bentos. I'm using them as patterns for the Neffie!


  1. Thanks so much Witch Baby, your awesome!!!

  2. Great post witch Baby! Thanks for sharing some great new blogs with me! (I do follow some already)

    What a CUTE blog you have! It absolutely DOES rock!!

    xoxo Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)

  3. OMG! I saw "My Blog Rocks - Fiona Said So" on my blog roll and came over to say that Fiona was right, of course you rock and see that you passed the award on to me. Flip out! And lots of {{{HUGS}}}. You are the best of the best!

  4. Congrats 'Baby' - I'm glad you're jazzed!

    Fiona :)

  5. Thanks Fiona!!!

    J.Kaye you and Pizza both deserve it!

    Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by to see my little "home". LOL.