Book: My Favorite Witch

Annette Blair
Berkley / January 2006)
Mass Market / 304 Pages
Series Accidental Witch 2

Jason Pickering Goddard's career as a playboy hockey star comes to a dramatic halt when he tragically damages his legs in a car accident. Swearing off women, he decides to stand in as Director of Special Events at the Pickering Foundation in the interim--knowing his celebrity status will greatly help the foundation's foster home for boys.

A sexy witch cursed by a cheating ex-fiance, Kira Fitzgerald has closed the book on men. But a new chapter in her life opens when she's appointed as Jason's coordinator. The clash of their strong personalities ignites Jason's competitive streak and sparks an inner fire that threatens to melt the ice around his heart--a slow warm-up that weakens Kira's own defenses. And there's not a spell strong enough to save her...

I picked this book up because Her books are hit or miss for me, but I'm always willing to try.

What I liked the Most? The rhyming spellwork

What I liked the Least? The I'm a man hockey player complex at the beginning of the story

Review:My Favorite Witch has a little humor, a little magic, a little hockey, a little charity, a little romance and a lot of love. Both Kira and Jason are intriguing characters you are pulling for from the beginning. The boys from the orphanage and a murder of crows steal the show on more than one occassion. Jason's Gram is another great character you won't be able to get enough of. Melody, Logan, Shane, and Vickie from The Kitchen Witch make an appearance that fits perfectly with the storyline.

Annette's descriptions of the quirks of fundraising events and the little details are colorful and enchanting. This book was an extremely well-written funny story with heart. Overall, a delightful read.

Recommended to: Someone ready to laugh

Best Quote: "I assortment"

Challenges:100+, August

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