Melina Morel
Paranormal Romance
Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated / September 2008
Mass Market / 336 Pages

Evil Stalks the city that never sleeps...

Vivian Roussel prefers to keep a low profile - she is, after all, a werecat, descendant of an ancient demigoddess, and highly regarded in Manhattan's nightworld. But when she's robbed of a priceless icon, she has only one recourse for protection.

Surveillance expert and werecat Pavel Federov never gets personal with his clients.But he's drawn to Vivian. Pavel soon discovers that the thief has something far more dangerous in mind - for he's marked Vivian as his next target.

I picked this book up because it was a gift, from a fellow 'abby' reader.

What I liked the Most? The concept

What I liked the Least? The story - I did not like the whole Russian mafia/were set up with the romance sections that read like what teenager think a love story should be.

Review: Okay - this was book was not a top finisher. Start off with the way in which the narrative is delivered to the reader - it's all telling, not showing and extremely repeatitive until readers are likely to feel impatient and/or condescended to. It’s very difficult to become immersed in a story when it’s just words on a page.

I was really looking forward to reading this tale of werecat society. Unfortunately, not only does the society seem ripped straight from the pages of plenty of pre-existing shape-shifter books, but it’s childish and add to it all the clans are named after house cat breeds. Really - I'm not bsing Russian Blues, Siberan Forest, Maine Coon.

Recommended to: I wouldn't

Best Quote: "Always let yourself be guided by your head and your heart, never letting one or the other dominate your thinking."

Challenges: 100+, Para 999, August

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