Book:Wolf Moon

Charles DeLint
Young Adult
Penguin Group / January 2004
Mass Market / 245 Pages

His name when he was human was Kern. Now he is the most feared of beings: a werewolf. When the change first came upon him, his parents drove him away with silver daggers. Later, he sought human companionship, but he could not hide the truth for long. And so he kept running until he ran headlong into the deadliest pursuer of all—a harper bent on stealing his life away. By chance Kern was able to find refuge at the Inn of the Yellow Tinker, and the woman he was destined to love. But can he risk both human and harper vengeance to keep her?

I picked this book up because it is a Charles De Lint & I love his books

What I liked the Most? The humanity of the characters

What I liked the Least? It was a complete story it was just too short. (And I just plain missed the Crow Girls LOL)

Review:The novel begins with a chase. Kern, in wolf shape, is being pursued by a soulless thing of magic, a feragh formed of Tuiloch's music and will. At present, the harper is hunting the wolf merely for the pleasure of the hunt and kill. But when he later meets Kern in man-shape, he realizes the truth and sets out to bring Kern's world down around him, destroying his spirit and killing his joys before eventually taking his life.

Often, writers will give their villains some nameless victims on whom to demonstrate their evil. But de Lint isn't content to rely solely on such timeworn cliches, instead turning the violence against the inn and its inhabitants, leaving shocking a death in its wake. Suddenly the story is that much more real -- the characters we've come to know and like in earlier pages can be hurt, after all. They aren't protected by the author's decree that everything will turn out OK.

Recommended to: Anyone who enjoys magic or shifter books

Best Quote: "But that's no excuse not to have fun"

Challenges: 100+, Para999, August


  1. Looks like a good book, another one to the TBR pile.

  2. I really want to read Charles DeLint books. I haven't yet.

  3. I love the Charles DeLint books that I have read. From short stories to epic novels. His writing style is wonderfully quirky.