All My Books Software

I've been playing around with the All My Books software since I saw it over at J.Kaye's Book Blog.

It is a super easy to use program that basically does all the work for you. Now I know that I just love having everything organized (after all I am a virgo) and with this program I feel like I have found a tool that helps me out, rather than hinders me. You just hit the book + button, type in the name of the book, hit search (I choose Amazon), the program pulls up a list of books with that title and you double click on the one you want. All My Books pulls all the info directly from the hosting site and fills in the blanks. You just tweak the entry.

All My Books - Your Home Library Organizer

Why do you need a home library organizer? You love books. It's obvious by the many tomes on your shelves. And on your end tables. And by your bed. In your car. And that paperback peeking out of the pocket of your purse. You can't get enough of them and probably have accumulated a great number. The chain bookstores call your name, but that little family-owned bookshop around the corner always has something new and interesting, too. Library sales, garage and yard sales, anywhere books are available, you feel at home.

You've spent a lot of money on books, and it was money very well spent because you've gained so much enjoyment from them. So why wouldn't you want a library organizer to help you keep track of them?

All My Books - Collections Large and Small

Many people don't really think of books as collections. Maybe because the word 'collection' often seems to mean things we collect mostly for display or nostalgia, like sports memorabilia or cat figurines. But whether you consider all your books as a collection or not, that's really what it is. You've collected your favorite characters, places, stories and information in the form of the books they inhabit. A library organizer can help you keep track of all of them.

If you don't own many books right now, you're likely to own more in the future, and library organizer software makes it easy for you to catalog them. You have a jumpstart on those with vast collections because you don't have to add 300 books-maybe just 30. Get the right library organizer software and you can be done in no time at all. But chances are you'll spend much more time looking through your collection.

Adding the books is as simple as typing a word or two and making a few clicks. But once you've added your books to the software, you'll want to browse. You'll see the covers and detailed information about each book. You can label the books however you want, and sort them by any criteria you want. You can even add ebooks to your library, to keep all of your print and digital materials cataloged in the same place.

All My Books - Part of a Home Inventory

Books, though we love them, can be costly. Paperbacks that used to cost $1.25 now regularly cost $7 and $8 each. And hardback books can easily cost $30. Once you use great library organizer software, just a quick flip through your library multiplied by those numbers gives an idea of how much money you've spent over the years. If you should ever have to make an insurance claim on the contents of your property, having that database makes it easy to provide. Your books represent a sizable investment that should be included in a claim.

All My Books - Who has What?

And a great perk of good library organizer software is the ability to track loans. You're so busy reading new books, it's easy to forget where you loaned an old one. Library organizer software keeps track for you.

Remember, there is a 30 day Free Trial to trying this program, so you don't have to give them any credit card information up front. It's so easy to use that I'm going to get myself a full version for the price of $34.95.


  1. You have an award at my blog. :)

  2. I don't know if you bought the program yet but if you did not try book collectorz first I've tried both & prefear them hands down. You can use a scaner so you not typing in barcodes all day & to me it a cleaner program all the way around.

  3. Nope - I didn't try that one Shannon, I'll go check it out now. Thanks.