And what else could go wrong?

For those of you who are "in the know" about what is going on in my life, skip this post unless you want a rehash. In the course of this year everything has just fallen apart, now I could be fatalistic/judgmental and raise my fist up to Mercury and curse his path - but he is only part of the problem.

Okay - 1st DH lost his job, it was through his own stupidity I will admit that. He should have paid attention to what was going on & he didn't. So he filed for unemployment and he got it. And he hasn't done a thing since then, expect try to figure out exactly how stupid he could be in one month - video games & booze. That's all he wanted to do.

And that leads into the 2nd point, his drinking. He went way overboard and showed his ass one too many times so I walked out. Packed my car with some clothes & my chichi puppy and left. Last time it was a $200 bar tab that he swears he only had a beer or two. So I focused on my job, right.

Point 3 - here we come - my company is being massively screwy right now. From changing us over to an insurance company that no doctor is town takes (seriously I took all the papers to my doctors office - he's supposedly on the list - the office submitted all the proper forms and what not & yep - still not taking that insurance how nice) & if that's not all - dealing with all the issues about computers & schedules & calls & inconsiderate coworkers - my blood pressure went into the sky sky sky around the fourth of july-ly-ly. Ohhh, betraying my age there. LOL. (Side note - on the fourth I had a Aunt that basically just dropped to the ground and started twitching, it was over 2 weeks before the doctor's said ahhhh - she has a chemical imbalance.)

Number 4 - coworkers who don't know their heads from their behinds - Do not sit on your throne and expect me to kiss your fat behind cause you the "Team Leader". I will continue doing what I do best - what is that you may wonder - showing your ass up. I can do everything better than you, seriously I can. Test me. Try working once in awhile & maybe just maybe you'll see what I am talking about. But then that would require you to do something other than complain right? Too much effort. See here's how I see it - I am taking an active role in our company's transition. So if I wanna say (after months of dealing with crazy emails & whacked out instructions that don't tell you how to do something) this is sooooo crazy. I have earned that right. I am in the trenches getting my hands dirty and handling every issue that comes up.

And you guessed right - next issue, it's 5 and it's alive - it's 2 words / COMPANY TRANSITION / really people its not rocket science. We sit at computers all dang day and talk on the phone. No matter what else happens. Just follow the pretty little screen - it took me a month to figure out what to do with all those boxes and numbers and what nots. We can't stay where we were and this is what we were giving to work with. Next.

And then, on top of everything else number 6 one little 6-letter word that has struck fear, anger, and tears into the hearts of my family. Cancer. Yep - I typed that right - my mom was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and from what we know right now - it is probably too far to be treatable. Or at least that's what she told me yesterday. I still say I wanna wait for the Dr's full report before I fall apart, but it's not easy holding on any more. Now I would not hestitate to say that a lot of our fear is most likely the result of a lack of knowledge.


  1. Wow! I'm really sorry for all that is going on for you right now. I have no words of wisdom but I will say a prayer for you and your family, especially you mom! I pray she will have the strength to fight and win! hang in there!

  2. Big hugs from me. Just take one day at a time, or one hour, or one minute if you need to.

  3. Thank you both - it was just a big shock and really not anything you expect to hear, ya know?

    Debbie - Thank you very much, all kind & positive thoughts, prayers, energy are welcome. Mom said so.

    Fiona - right now it is breath in - breath out and hope I don't forget which one I just did.