Book: Four to Score

Janet Evanovich
St Martin's Press / 1998
Mass Market / 338 Pages
Series: Stephanie Plum #4

Stephanie Plum is back, and this time she's on the trail of Maxine Nowicki, an ex-waitress accused of stealing her ex-boyfriend's car. Helping Stephanie is former-prostitute-turned-backup Lula, puzzle solving transvestite singer Sally Sweet, mentor Ranger, and vice cop Joe Morelli. This one won't be easy though, as Stephanie's competing with her arch nemesis Joyce Barnhardt.

Oh, and she can't forget the little matter of someone trying to kill her. Again.

I picked this book up because Series/Challenge

What I liked the Most? I love the running car gag - too brillant.

What I liked the Least? I figured this one out too fast.

Review:The chase is on in this page-turning book of mayhem! The regular cast of characters are back in action helping Stephanie (or is that harassing Stephanie). Her family (especially Grandma) add pizzazz, depth, and a whole of a lot of humor to this great plot.

This book also introduces Sally Sweet, a code-breaking transvestite 'drag queen" musician. Grandma Mazur comes right out and asks Sally what a drag queen does with his ding-dong and I died laughing. Stephanie's enemy, Joyce Barnhardt, also has a larger roll in this book, as the newest bounty hunter at the Vincent Plum bail bonds agency.

This book is truly hysterical, pages keep turning with the fast paced humor and wit. This is the best book yet in the series and I thought three was good. This series is highly recommended!

Recommended to: You gotta be ready to laugh

Best Quote:"You're going to find this hard to believe, but cops aren't required to carry emergency condoms."

Challenges: 100+, Stephanie Plum

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