Book: Wealth From Within

Lori Culwell
Self Help
Get Creative / 2009
Quality Paper back / 159 Pages

Experts agree: we are on the verge of a huge shift in consciousness, starting with the way we perceive and use energy in our lives. If you've been practicing the law of attraction faithfully and are still not seeing the object of your desires, you might be missing a key piece of the puzzle. When you make the connection and get "in the flow," you will be surprised at how quickly things start to fall into place. Shift your own consciousness now to be the start of the much-needed economic turnaround!

With a historical and practical perspective that will increase your understanding of energy itself, "Wealth from Within" bridges the gap between consciousness and visualization/manifestation. Straightforward and simple to understand and apply, this book will help you connect with your own energy supply to get back "in the flow."

I picked this book up because Review

What I liked the Most? The writing style

What I liked the Least? Some of the comments in the book - do this because this famous person said so.
Alicia Silverstone = vegan
Oprah = Spirit channel playlist
Tiger Woods = Daily Meditation

Review:Okay I'm confused - I'm a seeker and I am constantly looking for the next level in my life. And this book was supposed to be the missing piece of the "Secret" puzzle unlocking the door to how to make your life better/fuller/richer. But that's not what I got from reading this book. Now don't get me wrong - if you want a crash course in various meditation or visualization techniques so you can try the several ones provide to find the one that works for you and some people need that. For me - it was a little less than likeable, maybe it's because I am already past the simple techniques listed here.

Recommended to: Someone needing a crash course

Best Quote: "Maybe the people who say these things don't eat enough meat to be grounded." I was absolutely beside myself when I read this.


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  1. Have you read either The Power of Now or A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle? You might find that they take you deeper.