Book: How To Murder A Millionaire

Nancy Martin
Signet / 2002
Mass Market / 254 Pages
Series: Blackbird Sisters 1

My parents blew the country for a sunny resort that catered to American tx evaders, leaving the family art collection to my sister Emma and the furniture to my sister Libby. They gave me the land - and a property tax bill for two million dollars. Which is why I, Nora Blackbird, a former socialite who never really held a job in all my thirty-one years, found myself in dire need of a paycheck..

Now Nora has a job as a society page columnist for a Philadelphia paper. This down-and-almost-out former debutante is happy to reclaim her place within the city's elite. Until her first party assignment, when she stumbles upon the murdered body of the host - a millionaire art collector and old family friend. Her sisters - sexy, hard-edged Emma and flaky earth mother Libby, who has her hands full with husband number two and four kids - only complicate matters as Nora investigates. And meanwhile the son of a rumored New Jersey crime boss is pursuing her with bone-melting come-ons she can barely resist. Priorities, Nora. Think priorities...

I picked this book up because It sounded like just the type of fun, witty, go-girl, fish out of water, can do, quirky mystery I could lose myself in.
What I liked the Most? Wow - this lady has to have sisters, cause she nailed the roller coaster between "I'm worried" and "I'm gonna strangle you" perfectly"

What I liked the Least? The mystery often felt as though it was an afterthought to Grandma's stuffed closets.

Review: By now you should be aware that I read for information, making myself or my life better or for amusement. This book is pure amusement. It's kind of sweet, but then I like some candy in my reading & viewing diet, as I don't indulge a lot in my food and let's be honest sometimes you just want a fun little read and not War and Peace. When you get home from work and need to unwind with a glass of wine, a hot bubble bath, and a book to entertain. It's not on par with Stephanie Plum (series by Janet Evanovich) YET, but give a girl a chance - this was the first book in the series!

Nora is written as a very appealing quirky character. And when you add in her oddball relatives, neighbors, friends, and frenemies, you get a potluck hit that is just interesting enough to keep you reading, there is even a hint of romance and a dash of mystery. The read goes by so quickly, so you don't get bogged down sludge. The story does takes awhile to evolve but the character introductions are neccessary in a first book and they are at least intriging. I was pleasantly surprised.

Recommended to: Anyone not looking for a deep dark mystery

Best Quote:"To squander the last dollar left in the Blackbird family fortune, my parents threw a lawn party that would have made Jay Gatsby proud."


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