8-2 to 8-7

  • Monday 8-2 Hakuna Matta

    Mom had a doctor’s appointment today – everything is okay, just a follow up with her new general practice doctor. Left there & went to a meeting with some friends about the whole LARP thing. Really truly. Did you know that I am having problems with everyone???? According to Jim I despise certain people that I thought I was okay with. Hmmmm, maybe he knows more than I do.

  • Tuesday 8-3 Airplanes

    Drama over – books have come home. Shopping & Bill pay! I had an absolute blast.

    Went out to the bento place for lunch – Jim joined me. Bought myself some pretty prettys: two new dresses, a new eyeliner, coconut soap/hair stuff, Gilmore Girls season 7 & smell goods for the house.

    • Silver T-shirt, Black yoga pants, Silver sandals

    • Bento: Chicken & Spinach Salad with Pom & raspberry dressing (no picture)

  • Wednesday 8-4 Hey Soul Sister

    Went with Shawn to a meeting with Ken & Jess about the misunderstanding with all the drama. Headed home after the meeting & wanted to watch TV to unwind from the day & ended up falling asleep – mom didn’t wake me up so I missed out on spending some time with Lucas. Was supposed to get up with Chrissy & Tony today but that didn’t happen – maybe next time. Jim did some work today, but of course he has yet to pay me any of the money he owes me.

  • Thursday 8-5 Stupid Girls

    Painted my nails – I wanted to be girly and decided on pink.

    • Black stretch pants, Grey Scoop neck tank, Flip Flops

    • Bento: None / grabbed some fast food instead.

  • Friday 8-6 Get Em Bodied

    Went & hung out with Daphne for a bit this morning. That was a fun time.

    Game Night: really didn’t stay long – I was not feeling well & needed sleep. Dressed up for formal court & made the effort to go & then found out it’s been postponed – why did I even wake up?

  • Saturday 8-7 We All Come from the Goddess

    Ritual was spectacular. Enough said. Got into a discussion with Shawn about relationships. Jim was a tweedle & left Divo outside to handle the heat & elements by himself. I’m done.

    • New blue dress with pink bra & panties

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  1. Hey there! Love this post, but it has a very different tone to your usual stuff, so I wasn't quite sure it was you, if you know what I mean. I like the way you have treated it kinda like diary entries :)