Book: Got Fangs

Book: Got Fangs

Katie Maxwell AKA Katie MacAllister

Young Adult
Smooch / 2005

Paper Back / 193 Pages
Series Ben & Fran 1

I used to think all I wanted was to have a normal life. You know, where I could be one of the crowd and blend in, so no one would know just how different I am. But now I'm stuck in the middle of Hungary with my mom, working for a traveling fair with my psychics, magicians, and other really weird people, and somehow, blending in with this crowd doesn't look so good.

Fortunately, there's Benedikt. Yeah, he may be a vampire, but he has a motorcycle, he likes the mysterious horse I suddenly acquired, and best of all, he doesn't think I'm the leasy bit freaky. So I'm supposed to redeem his soul -- if his kisses are anything to go by, my new life may not be quite as bad as I imagined.

I picked this book up because The cover made me laugh

What I liked the Most? Everything – this was an extremely funny book

What I liked the Least? The Macho He Man stereotype & of course the fact that this book was ENTIRELY too short.

Review: Usually I’m not a fan of short books – they appear choppy and lacking, but wow these characters were so well developed that I loved it.

Fran is currently touring Europe with GothFaire – a collection of witches, psychics, and the like. Unfortunately, the Faire has caused Fran to feel like even more of a freak than she did back home – not only is she six feet tall with dark hair and pale skin, but she's been cursed with the ability to read thoughts and feelings in other people just by touching them.

Recommended to: Those who want a quick, funny mystery involving vampires and magic.

Best Quote: “Of all the hooey! You are so full of it. You know what? My next boyfriend is going to think I can do anything. He's going to worship the ground I walk on."

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