Book: Undead and Unemployed

Mary Janice Davidson

Paranormal Romance
Berkley / 2004
Paperback / 272 Pages
Series Undead 2

Being royally undead isn't all it's cracked up to be--there are still bills to be paid. Luckily, new Queen of the Vampires Betsy Taylor lands her dream job selling designer shoes at Macy's.

But when a string of vampire murders hits St. Paul, Betsy must enlist the help of the one vamp who makes her blood boil: the oh-so-sexy Sinclair. Now, she's really treading on dangerous ground--high heels and all.

I picked this book up because Series

What I liked the Most? Betsy – she makes me laugh

What I liked the Least? Ant – I really despise this character

Review: The main character, Betsy, is completely flawed but in an oh so interesting way, I can kind of relate to her – even if she is massively shallow. I love that while all the traditional things work on other vampires – nothing affects the Queen – not Holy Water, stakes, God’s name, Sunlight. But really it is the snarky smirky banter that make this story a laugh out loud read.

Recommended to: Someone wanting to laugh

Best Quote: "Okay, now you’ve moved from annoying would-be suitor to obsessive stalker.”

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