100 Truths

This was a getting to know you post from Facebook. LOL. Hey it works.

1. Real name: Wendy Graham
2. Nickname(s): Tigerrr
3. Zodiac Sign: Virgo
4. Male or female: Female
5. Elementary School: Long Hill
7. High School: Pine Forest
8. Hair color: Today red – tomorrow who knows?
9. Tall or short: Short Short
11. Sweats or Jeans: Hmmm depends on the day
12. Phone or Camera: Phone only right now – my camera died
13. Health freak: Trying
14. Orange or Apple: Apple
15. Do you have a crush on someone? Occasionally
16. Stay asleep or awake: Are you asking when I’m awake or asleep? If I’m asleep I wanna stay that way, if I’m awake I’m afraid I’ll miss something
17. Piercings: Used to
18. Pepsi or Coke: Dr Pepper or Water

19. Been in an airplane: Yes
20. Been in a relationship: Yes
21. Been in a car accident: Yes
22. Been in a fist fight: Yes
23. First piercing: Ears
24. First best friend:
25. First Award: Fire Safety Poster
26. First crush: No Clue
27. First word: “”
28. Last person you talked to in person: My Mom
30. Last person you texted: Jim
31. Last person you watched a movie with:
32. Last food you ate: Ribeye
33. Last movie you watched: The Nightmare Before Christmas
34.Last song you listen to: Falling For A Witch
35. Last thing you bought: Christmas Presents
36. Last person you hugged: Lucas

37. Food: Right now – baked potato (but that will change tomorrow)
38. Band/Singer: What’s on play at the moment
39. Bottoms: Right now – Se7en
40. Flower: Stargazer Lilies
41. Animal: Dogs, cats
42. Colors: Black, Blue, Silver
43. Movies: Practical Magic, Princess Bride, How to Train your Dragon, Nightmare Before Christmas – Almost all the Disney animated
44. Subjects:History

(Put an X in the brackets if yes)
45. [X] fell in love with someone.
46. [X] celebrated Halloween.
47. [X] had your heart broken.
48.[X] went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone.
49. [X] had someone question my sexual orientation.
51. [X] got pregnant.
52. [] had an abortion.
53. [X] did something you regret.
54. [X] broke a promise.
55. [X] hid a secret.
56. [X] pretended to be happy.
57. [X] met someone who changed your life.
58. [X] pretended to be sick.
59. [X] left the country.
60.[X] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it.
61. [X] cried over the silliest thing.
62. [X] ran a mile.
63. [X] went to the beach with your best friend.
64. [X] got into an argument with your friends.
65. [X] hated someone.
66. []stayed single for 2 years.

67. Eating: Onion Straws
68. Drinking: Lemonade
69. Listening: Fallin’ Apart ~ Danielle Peck
70. Sitting/Laying: Computer Chair @ work
71. Plans for today: Taking mom out & about
72. Waiting: to get off work

73. Want kids? May adopt later
74. Want to get married? Not sure
75. Career: Have my own store
77. Piercing: Not sure
78. Romantic or spontaneous: Either or – they are not exclusive
81. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship
82. Looks or personality: Both, but personality comes first

83. Lost glasses/contacts: No
84. Snuck out of your house: Yes
85. Held a gun/knife for self defense: No
86. Killed somebody: No
87. Broken someone's heart: Yes
88. Been in love: Yes
89. Cried when someone died: Yes

90. Yourself: Sometimes
91. Miracles: Yes
92. Love at first sight: No
93. Heaven: On Earth
94. Santa Clause: Yes
95. Sex on the first date: No
96. Kiss on the first date: Maybe

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Yes – but it’s not possible
98. Do you know who your real friends are? I know some of them
99. Do you believe in God: Sure but I call him Bob
100. Post as 100 truths? Why not

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