Book: Visions of Sugar Plums

Janet Evanovich

St Martin’s / 2003
Paperback / 240 Pages
Series Stephanie Plum 8.5

Christmas in bounty hunter Stephanie Plum's world isn't quite like Christmas in Whoville. With only four days to go before December 25, she doesn't have a decorated tree in her apartment or any presents bought. Plus she's chasing an elusive bail-jumper named Sandy Claws; a hunky guy named Diesel is literally popping in and out of her apartment; and a mob of manic elves is threatening to assault her with cookies. The end result is that Stephanie is feeling a tad stressed over the holiday season. Life isn't any calmer over at her parents' home in the Burg, where Grandma Mazur is dating a new octogenarian stud muffin; sister Valerie is wailing over some unwelcome news; and Stephanie's mother is coping by belting back tumblers of Red Roses in the kitchen. Just where is the elusive Mr. Claws hiding, and why? What's causing the power blackouts all over Trenton? And what about the mysterious villain, Mr. Ring? Is all of this real, or is Stephanie just having a very bad dream?

I picked this book up because Series (Kind of – it’s the only reason I picked it up)

What I liked the Most? Briggs is back – LOL – and Lula didn’t overpower the story line

What I liked the Least? Where did he come from?

Review: Stephanie Plum is trying to track down Sandy Claws – yep the big man himself – running a toy shop filled with a bunch of angry midgets building the toys and she's getting a hand up (in more ways than one) by some man who just popped into her kitchen. The Christmas Countdown has begun and Stephanie hasn't even bought a tree or presents.

This book is just too, too funny!

Recommended to: Fans of the series

Best Quote: "Gripes, I can't keep up on this political correct shit. I don't even know what to call myself. One minute I'm black. Then I'm African American. Then I'm a person of color. Who the hell makes these rules up, anyhow?" – not the most politically correct line but OMG.

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