Crafting Corner: Brigid's Tools

Brigid's Cross - You will need: 9 or more pieces of rush or straw, about 8-12 inches long, floral wire, rubber bands. Soak the rushes for half an hour until they are flexible. Meanwhile, get the rubber bands to hold the ends temporarily. Holding the straw vertically, wrap a second around it with the ends facing right. Hold the center tightly and rotate it to the left. Fold a third straw over the second, to the right. Rotate it all left again, and fold the fourth straw tightly over both the third and first straws, to the right. Continue by turning the cross left each time and adding another straw around the vertical ones. Keep holding the center tightly as you turn and add new straws, until you have used them up. Snug each straw in the center. When all straws are in place, use floral wire to secure the ends.

Brigid Bed -You will need: a basket, wood box, or doll cradle, padding to make receptacle like a bed, figure to represent the goddess Brigit, figure to represent the god and nuts/acorns. Dress up the basket, box, or cradle like a bed, and make it comfortable. Put it by the fireplace or the most desirable, warm spot in the house, as if you were waiting for a visitor to lie in it. Place the Goddess doll (see Seasonal Goddess Doll Project) in the bed. You can make a god figurine by making a fruitwood wand with a pinecone attached to the end, decorated with ribbons, or any male-oriented symbol that works for you. Leave an aromatic, hot snack out for her by the bed. As you invite the spirit of the goddess to inhabit the bed, ask for her blessings of fertility and healing.

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