I believe

I believe everyone has potential
I believe everyone deserves a chance, sometimes more than one.
I believe there is someone out there for you
I believe if we tried things we are scared of we would astound ourselves
I believe we judge others BECAUSE we are insecure with ourselves
I believe we take too much for granted
I believe it is important to be honest with yourself
I believe in the importance of family and friends
I believe it is important to dream, but more important to chase after those dreams
I believe we should tell our loved ones how much we care daily
I believe fear holds us back
I believe we are stronger than we could ever imagine
I believe you don’t know what you have until it’s gone
I believe we should forgive, but never forget
I believe we are afraid to love, because we are afraid of getting hurt
I believe that I can change the world
I believe everything happens for a reason ESPECIALLY when you don’t understand why.

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