New Year Blog Update

Hi, I'm WitchBaby aka Windy Marie Graham. I started this blog a long time ago because there's just so much that I like make that love that I just have to share.

So what can you expect in 2011 - well hopefully

  • Bentos - As my life starts to settle back down & I decide to make the right eating decisions again - I'll start posting Bentos again. I may just start back over at 1 and run a new list. Since the last 100 or so have been food in a box. LOL.
  • Book Challenges - I'm not certain about challenges per say, but I know that I'm going to keep up with what I read & I may enter a challenge or two. I really can't help myself - LOL. But for right now The only thing I have in mind is tracking where my books take place, but I'll get to more of that in a later post.
  • Book reviews - will continue, most of these are books that I buy myself and I will always notate if it was a book sent for a review - usually in the review itself.
  • Crafting Corner - Sundays are dedicated to my crafts. Depending on the season & what - I'm gonna share some of my ideas.
  • Cook Book - recipes I use/have used - Yummy things
  • Family - Just notes on my family
  • Goddess - Girlie Stuff ~ It's not so much about weight loss - that's just a nice by product - I want to be healthier physically, mentally, emtionally, and spiritually. So go ahead and join me on this journey! Hit the follow button to the right and away we go.
  • Just Breaking News - Just a quick shot of my outfit for the day (but not all the time - I'm not ready for that, the bento choice, the lunch bag, maybe the desk, and a quick sum of what happened today. Boring I know - just skip it.
  • Letters I'll Never Send - hmmm pretty self explanatory.
  • Library/Series - List of the books I read/review
  • Shopping - Well duh - shopping trips.
  • Tune In Tuesdays - Time to shuffle the play lists & ring tones around - find out the newest selections. LOL.
  • Video - Song of the week
  • TV - Series I watch & small reviews.
  • Vacation - Duh
  • Witchy Wednesdays - This is a new section, I'm gonna put up something witch related on Wednesdays. Sometimes it'll be spells, sometimes knowledge - just a little something. I'll also continue to have Moon Workings & Sabbats - this is just to give some little extra.

Hehehe - I told you I would do this so I won't even try to promise this will be the last time the blog gets a face lift. We'll just have to see how this goes.

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