A Sign?

So anyways I don't want to bore you with a long drawn out post about this, but I've been considering the fact that I may be on the wrong path. No I'm not about put on a silver ring, wimple, or woolen belt - with or with the Holy Habit that goes along with those items. But I had seriously considered reexamining my path to find out it I was still headed somewhere I wanted to be going.

And so enter the sign - my family had a big family cook out at my mom & dad's for New Year's Day & I'll be hogtied if my cousin didn't show up with some books (pictured below) for me. It seems the lady was cleaning out her closet and found these three books and for what ever reason offered them to my cousin, who in turn brought them to me.

So anyways - what would you say - Sign to continue down my alternative path?

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