Take Out/Bento

Not a traditional bento post but oh well - it is what it is.

My family was going out to celebrate FUG's birthday but because I despise him & had no desire to sit there and look at his ugly face - I declined & slept in. Daddy-O took pity on me and brought me my favorite steak & tater combo from LoneStar anyway. Yummy dinner without the complication of looking at FUG. I can handle that. And I put together a fruit box for me when I made BF's snack box.

Well BF decided that he has to have Fast Food for lunch(I'm thinking golden arches) - So we compromised (for the time being) to 2 days a week & 3 days Bento. Maybe I shouldn't have packed it so cute the first couple times. Bummer I didn't think to take a picture. And even after that conversation he took a snack box (his was a 2 layer - one fruit & one veggies) & a tea - he's so cute.

****I don't want to go into all the drama but side note is I got fussed at for saying I hate him - so let me put it this way: if he was on fire and I had water I would drink it!****

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