Witchy Wednesday: Why Work Alone

1. Solitude - You prefer to be alone to seek an inner peace you feel you cannot find if distracted by coven activities. People who enjoy solitude often appreciate the benefits of meditation and inner reflection.

2. Learn Best from Books - What is your method of learning? Do you learn better when interacting with other witches or do you learn better from books and trial-and-error? People who learn best from books will benefit most by choosing the solitary path.

3. No Local Groups - Not everyone lives near a coven. When there aren’t enough people to form a coven in an area, you are faced with the choice of being a solitary witch or joining an online coven.

4. Privacy - In your heart you know you are a witch. You don’t need to share this information with others. You may also have a job or family situation that will not understand or tolerate your uniqueness. Being a solitary witch is a way to protect your privacy and allows you to practice freely in your sacred space.

5. Free Will - You want to be in charge of what you learn and how you learn it. If you make a mistake, you are willing to accept the consequences and learn from it. You are accountable for your own actions.

6. Self-Conscious - If you are unsure of your skills or feel awkward around other people, being a solitary witch removes the anxiety and allows you to concentrate on what you need to learn. You do not always need to be a solitary witch, however. Once you feel comfortable with your religious beliefs, you may want to look into visiting a local or online coven.

7. Getting Along - You may have had problems getting along with others in the past. This is not something to be ashamed of. Instead, you feel the need to work through your issues as a solitary witch with meditations, affirmations, and healing rituals until you feel strong enough to join a coven. For other people, the politics of a coven may be too much to handle. Again, step away and collect your thoughts.

8. Structure - You want the freedom to follow your heart’s desire. You don’t like the structures of other religious groups and want to avoid anything that you feel will stunt your spiritual growth.

What Works Best
Above all else, listen to your calling. Never let another person tell you that you must be a part of a coven to be a “real” witch. Not only do you not need to be a part of a coven, but you will also find that you can grow stronger by learning about the magical world through trial and error.

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