Day 1: Me

1) I either change my hair constantly or I don't do anything to it - the pattern lasts for about 6 months
2) I'm addicted to Twitter
3) I love to bento & introducing new people to it. LOL - just ask James
4) I'm a jammie junkie, but don't really wear them
5) I love to go camping, but haven't really been in 8 years
6) I love to cook - but I'm neurotic about it
7) I've lost the joy in a lot of my old past times - but I'm finding it again
8) I blog about a bunch of different things
9) I can cry at the drop of a hat - really I can but don't think they are crocodile tears, because they aren't
10) I want to be romanced


  1. Hey!
    Love that photo of you :) I really like your hair like that.