Movie: Nanny McPhee Returns

Directed by Susanna White
Actors Emma Thompson, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ralph Fiennes
MPAA rating: PG
Running time: 109
Tagline: You'll Believe That Pigs Can Fly!

Nanny McPhee arrives to help a harried young mother who is trying to run the family farm while her husband is away at war, though she uses her magic to teach the woman's children and their two spoiled cousins five new lessons.

I picked this movie because it was available on DVD at Redbox

What I liked the Most? The hilarious stunts of this movies

What I liked the Least? This time around it was stupid funny

Review: Well it’s been 5 years since the first movie and unfortunately the magic & the mystery seem to have faded in those 5 years. *sigh* Sticking to the formula that won hearts last time – the children have five lessons to learn – as each is learned the disfigured nanny loses one of her deformities and slowly becomes beautiful. There is a lot of good old-fashioned children’s entertainment. There are cute animals, jokes about poo and plenty of magic!

Maggie Smith almost steals the show with her small part as the rather befuddled Mrs Docherty.

Recommended to:Someone with time to spare

Best Quote: Cyril: “We are in the land of poo. Duck poo, cow poo, goat poo.”

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