Okay so here is a story for you and seriously I would freaking LOVE your opinions if you have any.

So friends of mine decided to FINALLY (and I do mean finally) get married after 10+ years and so their respective families decide to celebrate by throwing them a little hey congrats reception. So no big surprise ya know.

Well everyone gathers and is all happy happy joy joy and my BF (who is extremely camera phobiac) asks one of the fellow attendees to not take his picture. Now, normally I would give benefit to doubt that he asked nicely cause BF can be a bit caustic when he so desires & the person he asked is more MaryKay than Regular Joe BUT I overheard BF's request and it was semi polite. "Hey look I don't like having my picture taken. Could you please make sure that I'm not in the shot when you snap it. Thank You." And then he walked off. To which the DA immediately said "Fucking Asshole" - really?

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