This offering can be used as a daily prayer or ritual invocation. To begin, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. You may want to light a Faery Candle to help you draw in the energies of the Sidhe. Sit comfortably, relaxing your body with rhythmic breathing. Allow your mind to settle, releasing any errant thoughts. When you feel completely calm and at peace, ring a small bell three times, and begin your prayer. As you speak, visualize images of the Good Folk. See the light of their spirits gathering all around you. Say the prayer one or three times, and then ring the bell seven times. Wait in silence for any communion or communication the Faery might offer.
Mist-clad in the light of the moon
Starspun seekers - I search for thee!
Faery light - I ask thy boon
Of branch and thorn and Elder tree!
Wood woven creatures, shadow weavers
River keepers - come to me!
Just beyond reaching
Never in keeping
Spirits of Faery - I call unto thee!
Wind-hewn wildness
Dark and brightness
Spiral enchantments - born of the sky!
Cradle me with eleven hands,
Abide with me, thy human child!

When you are ready to return to your ordinary consciousness, ring the bell three times and with deep full breaths, inhale vital energy and vitality. Record any special experiences in a journal so that you will retain them in full detail.
Blessed Be.

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