Dear Next Evil Ex

I don't think you realize how much you hurt me with your pointless stupidity. Your border line Tourette's Syndrome with inappropiate remarks and slurs is showing your true level of education. As for education get real - he's still a preschooler and is expected to have temper tantrums that's what they do. And on that note the damn dog is loosing his eye sight quit snatching at him & maybe he'll quit biting.

I think I've figured out why you are having trouble getting paid for your work - finish a freaking project. You're not working right now - quit farting around & get busy. You wanna be self employeed but you have the worse work ethitic I've ever seen.

Randomly groping my boobs in public is not okay yet no how many times I try to explain it to you I get oops I forgot. Biting and scratching are fine if we are actively playing but just randomly biting my toes is not a good thing and for Goddess sake trim your freaking nails - those rough edges you are so proud of hurt - I'm tired of unexplained scratches in weird places. And while I'm discussing your fingers - how bout you use them once in awhile - HELLO sex isn't all about you & I'm tired of feeling unsatisfied.

You've got til the end of the month to straighten out or I'm trading you in on a newer model.

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