Items needed for this ritual
Golden Yellow Altar Cloth
Candles/representation of each element
Salt Water
Red Sun Candle
Green Goddess Candle
White Alter Candle
Pouch of Herbs *Everyone participating needs to do this step: such as lavender and chamomile – as you prepare it, pour into it your troubles, problems, pains, sorrows and illnesses*
Spring Water
Pet or picture of pet (if doing the pet blessing)
Pet’s blessing gift (if desired)
Vacuum the area or sweep depending up either outdoors or indoors. Set up Quarter Candles or Elemental representation. The alter should be in two sections right & left with space to walk in between them. Decorate with seasonal flowers. Place the Cauldron in the center between the 2 alters, the Red Sun candle on the right alter, the Green Goddess Candle on the left alter. Place the cup of Fresh Spring Water in front of the Goddess Candle.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sage everyone - “Blessed Be and Be Welcome” - Kiss
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Circle Cast - Each person walks using one of the following: athame/incense/water/salt
“By the air that is Her breath (East), By the fire that is Her bright spirit (South), By the living waters that is Her womb (West), By the earth that is Her body (North)”

HPS in the center“This circle is now cast, We stand between the worlds, In a time that is not a time, In a place that is not a place, Great Mother, Great Father, Be with us this day! Blessed Be! This circle is sealed.”
East - “Children of Air, Fairies all - Hearken to this midday call
Bring winds of freshness, breezy beauty - Dreams of hope, and love of duty
Bring breath of magic, sighs of spring - Let our lives with music sing”

South - “Children of South, Fairies all - Hearken to this midday call
Bring kisses of passion, lovers embrace - Flames of laughter and sacred space
Bring sparks of magic to enflame - Let us all be glad we came”

West - “Children of Water, Fairies all - Hearken to this midday call
Bring mists of insight, loving touch - Flows of emotion we miss so much
Bring drops of magic to wash around - Let our hearts know love all around”

North - “Children of Earth, Fairies all - Hearken to this midday call
Bring loam of growth, terra firma - Fertile thoughts, and gifted perma
Bring roots of magic to keep us grounded - Let us strive to be well rounded”

Spirit - “Divas of Spirit, Fairies all - Hearken to this midday call
With the glimmer of wishes and light of hope - Luminescence magic help us cope
The Lord and Lady we do invite - Come to us for our midday rite”
To be read out loud in either round robin or by one person:
The Sun shines strong upon the ground, Nature’s abundance grows all around,
Gently nourished by summer rain, Apples, Oats, Wheat and Grain,
Promises of bounty, time reveals, And On and On turns the Wheel!

The Horned One walks the bright Greenwood, Rare glimpses seen make all feel good!
His Power once again at its Height, Together with the shortness of night,
Summertime joy is all we feel! And On and On turns the Wheel!

Hot and humid it begins to oppress, All life moves less and less,
Thunders’ rumble taints the air, The weather turns a lot less fair!
Lightning flash and Thunders Peel, And On and On turns the Wheel!

Summer storms pass swiftly by, And once again time doth fly,
Soon will come Harvest Time, Wheat become bread, Grape become Wine!
A bounty taken to provide a meal, And On and On turns the Wheel!

Still to come a last farewell, Death embraced as He fell,
Blood freely given falls to the floor, Sacrifice ensures life once more!
This Land again now will Heal, And On and On turns the Wheel!
HPS: Pick up Wand, and with arms upraised, face South and say:
"We celebrate Mid-of-Summer today, held in honor of the Blazing Sun God.
All of Nature vibrates with the fertile energies of the Goddess and of the God.
The Earth basks in the light and life of the Sun. The ever turning Wheel of the Year has made the light ever stronger And the light has kept growing longer, until today
MidSummer's Day, Summer Solstice. From here, the light begins to fade, again, Until once more the Wheel turns to the time of darkness, Yule, Winter Solstice. Yet, for today, the Sun is high, the light is bright, the Earth is warm. As the Sun God blazes above, may the fires of our rite flame below."

Face the left altar, put down your wand, and light the Green Goddess Candle and say:
"Green Forest Mother, Meadow Mother, Great One of the Stars and the Moon, Spinner of Fates, I give honor to you, and ask your Blessings here."

Light the Red Sun God Candle to the right of your cauldron, saying:
"Great Red Sun God, Forest Father, God of Fertility and Plenty, be here with me now. I give honor to you, and ask your Blessings here."
Take the Herb Pouch and hold above your head, saying:
" Fiery Sun, burn away the unuseful, the hurtful, the troublesome, the painful, the sickness, and ill luck. PURIFY ME!"

Hold the pouch over your main Alter Candle to take flame - drop it in the cauldron, saying:
"By the powers of the Great Goddess and the Great God, by all the Powers That Be, by the powers of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and by the powers of the Sun, Moon and Stars. I BANISH THESE BANES FROM MY LIFE!"

Visualize the negatives burning away to nothingness. When all that is left is ashes, sprinkle the ashes with the cup of Fresh Spring Water, then dump the rest on your body, feel your negatives washed away. Air dry by dancing and running your hands up and down your arms, body, and legs. Don't forget your head, lay it back and shake running your fingers through your hair.

When done, face alter, wave hand over the cauldron and say:
"As the Phoenix rises from the ashes, so let this water be pure and new, for this is the sacred cauldron of the Triple Goddess. O Great Mother Goddess, bless this water, so that its touch may bless and renew, even as the rays of the Midsummer Sun nourish and bless all life."

Pass your hands and arms between the two candles, over the cauldron, making wishes for luck, health, prosperity, and many other good things for your life.
At this time, you may wish to bless pets or other animals in your life by leading them between the two alters, while saying:
"By these symbols of the Midsummer bonfires, I do bless this animal friend and companion, (state animal's name), in the ways of my ancestors, that he/she may be blessed with health and goodness throughout his/her years upon the Earth."
At this time, if doing the rededication. Kneel before the altar, place a pinch of salt on your tongue, and say:
"I, (name), rededicate myself to the Pagan Way, to the Goddess and the God, who together form the Powers That Be, whose combined power is strong and vital here. I give my word-bond to follow the paths that lead to true wisdom and knowledge. I will serve the Great Goddess, and give reverence to the Great God. I am a Witch - a stone of the ancient circle, standing firmly balanced upon the Earth, yet open to the winds of the heavens, and enduring through time. May the Blessed Goddess and God witness my words."

Face the East and say: "Behold, O Powers of Air, Spirits of the East, I, (name), rededicate myself to the Lady of the Moon, and the Lord of the Sun."

Face the South and say: "Behold, O Powers of Fire, Spirits of the South, I, (name), rededicate myself to the Lady of the Moon, and the Lord of the Sun."

Face the West and say: "Behold, O Powers of Water, Spirits of the West, I, (name), rededicate myself to the Lady of the Moon, and the Lord of the Sun."

Face the North and say: "Behold, O Powers of Earth, Spirits of the North, I, (name), rededicate myself to the Lady of the Moon, and the Lord of the Sun."
Dip the forefinger of right hand into the oil, and tracing a pentagram:
Anoint forehead, say: “Let my mind be open to the truth.” (pentagram)
Anoint lips, say: “Let my lips always speak the truth. “ (caress the lips)
Anoint heart area, say: “Let my heart seek the ways of the Goddess, now and always.” (pentagram)
Anoint palms, say: “Let my hands be gifted to work in magical ways.” (caress the hands)
Anoint feet, say: “Let my feet ever walk upon the sacred paths!” (pentagram)
If consecrating any jewelry. Place your magical jewelry upon the altar, sprinkle it with the salted water, then pass it through the flame of the candle and the smoke of the incense. Place it around your neck or other body part, saying:
"This (these) magical emblem(s) I shall wear for all things magical. Bless this (these) pendant(s), O Great Goddess and Great God, that I may be blessed and protected in all ways whenever I shall wear it."
Take the drink-filled chalice in left hand and athame in right. Slowly lower athame into chalice, saying:
"As the athame is to the male, so the chalice is to the female;
And conjoined, they become one in truth.
Let the fruits of union promote life.
Let all be fruitful and let wealth be spread throughout the lands."

Take a sip of the drink.
Hold the plate of cakes in left hand and athame in right. Draw an invoking Earth pentagram over the cakes, saying:
"Oh gracious Lord and Lady of abundance,
Bless these cakes and infuse them with Your love,
Bestowing health, strength, joy and peace."
“As the ritual began, so it will end, Stay if you will, go if you must.”
“I thank you, Horned Lord and Radiant Lady, for aiding us this day. Thank you and farewell.”
Spirit - “Spirits of Diva, Spirits of power - Thank you for joining us this hour
As you return to your place in the light - Bless us and keep us every night”

Earth - “Spirits of Earth, Fairies of sand - Thank you for lending a helping hand
As you go off to your home in the mound - We’ll always know that you are around”

West - “Spirits of Water, Fairies of Dew, - Thank you for making our dreams come true
Away to your home in the sea - We’ll always remember the magic is me”

South - “Spirits of Flame, Fairies of Fire, - Thank you for our deepest desire
When you go home to your place in my heart - Remember always, merry meet and merry part.”

Air - “Spirits of Air, Fairies of Fun, - Thank you for all you have done.
Don’t be so quick to fly into the wind - The magic can wait til then to begin.”
“This circle is open but never broken. So mote it be.”

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