Week in Review

Saturday 6-11 Not much going on today – just grabbing the grandparents groceries & then heading back to the Lamp for some shut eye. Today is going to be a good day to sleep.

Sunday 6-12 Lazy day – just puttering around with the family & taking it easy. Played in the little pool with LL lots of giggles/laughs. Out to dinner with the whole shebang – yummy Ruby Tuesday.

Monday 6-13 There is a separate post for today’s adventures – if you are truly interested.

Tuesday 6-14 So much is going on today – Dad having prostate surgery (rotorooting the urethra) which came out really really well. I was unable to go to the hospital because I had to meet with the home health RN and get GP recerted, but my lovely & talented cousin Donna went with Mom to help out – so that takes a load off my mind. Then it’s back to yet another exciting work week.

Wednesday 6-15 Epic fail you worthless MAP cunt. Really? Well this just means I don’t have to work as hard as I used to – oh and NO MORE CLEANING at the jobsite – you pigs can wallow in your own excrement for all I care. As you can tell, I am not liking some of my coworkers right now.

Evening – I didn’t do a full moon rite this month (I know – Bad Witch) but I did finally get my loving fairy perma-circle set up. I’m so very very happy with that. Not so happy that I am now the momma to another dog – but oh well – at least she’s purty.

Thursday 6-16 Okay what’s going on with my job. It seems like everyone is either getting suspended or fired or written up or something. I get in to the tune of hey guess what happened – yeah we need a gossip

Three people scheduled (not counting the call out queen) – the supervisor who came in late, operator on a potty break, & quick draw McDraw (didn’t wait for clearance to take her break – hit the button & ran). Chaos ensues - Corporate gets involved – Nasty insults are exchanged. Ultimately someone is sent on a one week unpaid vacation for insubordination. Wow.

Friday 6-17 Oh wow – today was a true FAIL on the pleasant scale. Last night wasn’t too terribly bad but then all hades broke out because one co-worker had to go to court, the boss called in with a sick child, and the only other person scheduled took a break. Leaving me as the only person in. And if that wasn’t bad enough – getting phone calls saying “hey did you know you have a call in the queue” really? You don’t say. After working a little late, was able to finally take off and head home. Had a doctor appointment with the Grands, but Daddy-O is handling that. Canoodling would be the best remedy but that failed too. FML.

Oh, then after I get home I get a call from Corporate - hey we need you to work extra hours this week. Sure no problem.

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