Witch Baby


Francesca Lia Block
Young Adult
HarperTrophy / 1991
Odd sized paperback / 128 Pages
Series Dangerous Angels #2

One of kids' favorite characters in Francesca Lia Block's Weetzie Bat series is Witch Baby: a tangly haired, purple-eyed girl who can curl her toes into cashew shapes. She's a bit of an outsider, more in touch with feelings and portents than the rest of the gang from Shangri-L.A. In Witch Baby and Missing Angel Juan, we're able to watch Witch Baby work through some of her feelings of alienation. Her willingness to explore darker emotional realms is a real inspiration, and, in fact, she seems more evolved and "whole" than the others. In Missing Angel Juan, Witch Baby finally finds a way to create her own sense of belonging. She finds out more about her history and her unique needs to push through some of the shyness and moodiness that has always kept her separate from others.

I picked this book up because Series

What I liked the Most? WitchBaby

What I liked the Least? It's too short

Review: Witch Baby Bat, is a young girl who feels like an outcast in her own family. She feels as if she is nothing like her family, and as if they don't understand her. She runs away from home multiple times, and takes us on many exciting journeys. She is made extremely depressed multiple times throughout the whole book, which only captivates the reader more!

Recommended to: Anyone who's ever like an outsider especially in your own home

Best Quote: "So Witch Baby played. Tossing her head, sucking in her cheeks and popping up with the impact of each beat. Thrusting her whole body into the music and thrusting the music into the air around her. She imagined that her drums were planets and the music was all the voices of growth and light and life joined together and traveling the universe."

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