6 Month Anniversary

My plan for today was shoe shopping (yeah I can be a real girly girl in that aspect LOL) & the grocery store to pick up all the necessary ingredients for Bunny’s favorite meal Chicken Over Mushroom Caps” cause it is our 6 month anniversary. But while I was waiting for the shoe store to open Bunny calls and

says “Where are you at?”
So I go “Sitting in front of Carnival”
“Hmm cause I’m a shoe addict, DUH!”
“Laugh” long pause on Bunny’s part “Stay there – I’ll be there shortly.”

Which leaves me going oooooooooooddddddddddd cause I thought he was on for 12 today, oh well. Reading my book and waiting for the store to open, but Bunny showed up 1st with a big smile on his face and a I love my baby girl and kiss kiss kisses. Turns out the lines he works on are down for today & tomorrow (the only 2 days he works this week go figure) so he’s at loose ends. Good thing most of the bills are caught right now, right?

So he comes with to the shoe store which gave me the opportunity to buy him a new pair of sneakers for his present. He’s been going on and on about wanting a new pair so I wave of the magic wand I’m able to grant his wish – too cool.

So then Bunny says – well hell while we are over this way wanna do some Wings?!?! Let me just say – you don’t have to ask me twice LOL – I’m addicted to the yummy yummy goodness of the honey BBQ crispy fried traditional wings. So we head over to my favoritist lunch place & chose to chow down on some unlimited wings. Yummy!!! That’s about all I can say about that. He got the boneless ones – I got traditional.

So while we were sitting there he hands me a card
I want to
grow old
loving you
There’s nothing
I would rather do
Than live my life
In love with you…

The Fun
That being with you brings,
Our memories
Made of little things,
The talks we have,
The jokes we share,
The hugs, the kisses
Here and there…

What better reason
Could there be
To ask you
To grow old with me.

And a simple silver band – to show that he loves me very much, but then later he gives me this ring too.

It is truly amazing when someone gets you that well, ya know? Well anyways –

until the next blog post!

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