Meme: Disaster Strikes

Have you ever wondered how ready you would be if disaster struck your home or your town? Are you prepared for it? Events in recent news caused me to start thinking about maintaining my Emergency Kit.

1. How many days worth of food, water and supplies do you need in your Emergency Kit? 3 days

2. You should prepare supplies for home, work, and vehicle. What item do you need in your car that is not needed at home? Flares & jumper cables

3. You are evacuated from your workplace. You grab your "grab and go" bag. What is in it? Comfortable walking shoes, snacks, water & id - cell phone & charger for when I get to a location I can use it.

4. How many gallons of water should each person in your household need for 3 days? 1 gallon per person per day.

5. Tell us your favorite non-perishable food items: Tuna & chicken

6. How much cash are you going to hide in your emergency disaster kit? Currently $200 in each

7. Do you have a basic emergency plan developed for you and your family? Have you written it down, practiced and discussed it? Does everyone know where the emergency supplies are? Yes, Yes, Hopefully

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