Ranting Like Elijah

I just read a “rant” by Elijah Wood entitled The Black List: Ten Things That Irritate Elijah Wood and it got me to thinking.

1st and foremost – Bravo – I love the wit and humor that went into this piece. Particularly rant 11 (Oh and complaining) especially after reading the previous 10 complaints from the writer himself. Classic and WONDERFUL!!!

2nd – I agree with MOST of his “rants”.
  1. Remakes and reboots – yep I agree (even if his biggest movie fame was a reboot)
  2. Doing the bare minimum of one’s job description – I agree
  3. Anti-smoking laws that now extend to outdoor spaces – well I was a smoker so I get where he’s coming from but my mom is almost deathly allergic to cigarette/cigar smoke (most pipe tobaccos do not disturb her) so I can also see the need to clear the areas around non-smokers
  4. Truncated texting – I use some – I despise some – it just depends
  5. Orcs – this was classic & I loved it
  6. (Most) clubs aka overstyled douche cantinas (major chuckle points) – I agree – I don’t get dressing up, standing in line, standing by the bar, standing by the dance floor, drinking over priced watered down drinks – very very occasionally I get the need/desire to go out and I do, but it is very seldom.
  7. When people aren’t held accountable for their actions – Oh so very true
  8. Relationship statuses on Facebook – I disagree – if you don’t want to know don’t look/hide/block what ever – but personally I enjoy “celebrating” a change with my friends, personally I couldn’t wait to go from separated to divorced but that’s just me. I post tons of stuff. LOL.
  9. My printer – no clue but if you say so
  10. Clutter – too true too true

3rd it got me to thinking – what would be on own version of the BlackList
  1. mumble I’m sorry sir what was that? mumble I’m sorry sir I still did not understand that – Mumbling is the abso worst worst worst thing that I can think of. I answer phones for a living and let me tell you a few pieces of good phone etiquette: have a pen (or pencil) & paper handy, swallow whatever is in your mouth, cough to clear your throat, LISTEN as the phone is being answered and then – speak.
  2. Running out of medication - Just because you were a tweedle and let your prescription run out does not mean that the doctor should jump out of his nice comfy bed and call in a refill right that moment. I personally feel that a person should be able to look at his/her medicine bottle and figure out that they need a refill but in the event that you run out try calling the pharmacy you get your meds from and check to see if they can issue enough to last until the office reopens. Here’s a hint – ask nicely.
  3. Assuming that your emergency should result in my panic. Really? Yawn. I don’t rightfully care what you did/did not do. It is not something that I want to assist you with – enough said.
  4. Repeating myself - it has come to my attention recently that I despise repeating myself in any way shape or form BUT most of all when I have just said can I have your attention please and the recipient still gives me a blank stare. If you ask me a question – for your sake – listen to the answer.
  5. WiFi that never connects – I can sit there with my laptop, my iPod or my phone and the network is there, could be used, password is correct & NOTHING. Really? What’s that all about?
  6. Smelly holding tanks – my Lamp needs a tank tune up & disinfectant.
  7. Phony family – whether by blood or choice – family should be there for each other. Enough said.
  8. Civility – if you want to speak with me & you want me to remain civil to you – then choose your words carefully because I will hand you back EXACTLY what I get.
  9. Laziness – I have major issues with peeps just thinking that they can do nothing & get paid. If you are at work – work. Plain and simple. Do the job you are collecting a pay check for, if your job duties change because your job title changes – cope with it.
  10. Trolls – not the cute little troll doll types, but trolls of the human kind that are just simply hideous to look at – let alone interact with or the trolls in chat rooms/text messages A/S/L just makes me cringe

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