Week in Review 7-23 to 7-29

Saturday 7-23 Slept late today – vaguely remember Bunny kissing me good bye this morning, but not really. Woke up and went to the grocery store for GM. Picked up a few things for myself as well. Came home, laid back down ~ it’s too hot to do anything ~ fixed a light snack and then laid back down.

Finally got up at 3 to go bake a Pineapple Upside Down Cake (cause Momma-Luv & Aunt Von) then sat down to a big family dinner without my Bunny cause he was at work till late. I did save him a plate so that he would be able to eat when he got home. Then I had to book it to GM’s house for the night – this is gonna be fun.

Sunday 7-24 ~ This proved to be a very interesting evening. Every one has said how much calmer GM has been – only getting up once or twice a night. Yeah okay. I’ve have it on record now – she must hate me (even if she did tell everyone that I’m her favorite “nurse”). She went to bed around 9pm and slept straight through until
(1) 3:30 woke up to pee ~ nothing
(2) 4:10 woke up to pee ~ nothing
(3) 5:15 woke up to pee ~ peed
(4) 5:45 woke up to pee ~ nothing
(5) 6:30 woke up to coughing fit
(6) 7:10 woke up needing meds
(7) 7:25 woke up needing ice pack cause meds aren’t working
(8) 8:25 woke up to pee ~ peed
Now I personally think part of the problem is that she is sleeping too much. She goes to bed at 9p and gets up most days around 9a. She eats her breakfast and then goes to sleep, usually for an hour or so. Then she wakes up and spends a couple hours doing her puzzles, then lunch or snack & then nap. With the same routine for dinner.

Well any ways – after sitting up all night with GM I gets a call from work – hey can you come in and work for 2-3 hours we are majorly short staffed & corporate is screaming. Sure no problem – change clothes, pack up (grab coffee & my conch) and head out the door. Only to be met at work with tons of drama – evi the problem was that someone called out Friday for Saturday and Sunday but didn’t get replaced. *sigh* So I work a couple of hours, then boogey on back to the Lamp for some much needed Zzzzz’s.

Monday 7-25 Sad. Auntie is going back home today – happy for her GKs but sad for me. I really enjoyed having her here with us for the past couple of weeks.

Tuesday 7-26 Dealt with tweedle tweedle tweedles and then went home to sleep. It is very possible that the heat is causing me to sleep erratically but all I know is I’m wiped out.

Wednesday 7-27 – OMG – really??? *sigh* I really can’t believe the audacity of some people. You call me up and rant/rave about your girlfriend cheating on you and then when I ask “what would you say to any of your friends in this position?” you say it’s not the same thing? What?!?!?! What kind of pills are you on cuck cause I may need some of those.

Oh yeah and an Alleycat is hitting me up for cash & prizes – really. I’ll give you some advice – you can’t make a positive change until you get off your lazy ass. But enough bummer let’s celebrate cause –

Yay!!! It’s me and Bunny’s 6 month anniversary!! And he ended up with the day off – bad for the pay check (he’ll pick up some bonus for GM sitting) GOOD for us. There’s a post already up, but I just wanted to mention again that I am a lucky lucky girl!!

Thursday 7-28 Nothing major today at work – hoping that the COQ will return to work soon. I’m a bit tired of doing her job. I am soooooo tired of dealing with stupidity.

Got off work & made it home to watch some TV and hang out with my Bunny boy. Good times just laying in his arms watching MASH waiting for the clock to strike the mids so I can go pick up the evil doppelgänger and take it to a dr’s appointment. Oh what a spirited handful it was today too. *sigh* She got an ass shot & told the pain will stop in 2 hours and then sent us for a “quick” ultrasound – which turned into a multiple hour ordeal and she complained constantly that the Dr lied to her cause it had been 4 hours and she was still in pain (times were 10 mins, 30mins, 35mins, 45mins, 63 mins, 82 mins, 95 mins, 107 mins) since the shot.

Friday 7-29 LOL Ms J let me borrow her Food Lovers Diet for the night, highly interesting reading. And that was a first for me – text based tarot reading. And the COQ is not coming back to work this weekend. Oh well more hours for me possible on next weeks check. OMG listen here Dr Freak – you will not speak to me that way.

Until next week.

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