Week In Review

Saturday 7-2 So anyways – Lori let me off at 7a so I could get a jump on getting home. So I boogied to the hotel, snagged a shower & my stuff, checked out, hit WaWa for all around fuel – and ROADTRIPed!!! Tuned into the Highway & with my trusty co-pilot NightShade we started battling our way home – and wow that was stressy due all the loons on the road. But the drive was worth the homecoming – Bunny picked me up at the airport and we Rubied it, then home to see the family. OMG!!! Family!?!?! Part of the Ohios are down along with Evil Auntie/Uncle D.

So Bunny & I sat w/the GP so everyone else could go out to dinner. I know – I get home from a hectic week and no one says hey do you need a break and they wonder why I’m so stressed all the time. Top it all off – GP is on an antibiotic for chest congestion and someone decided to be a rebel and slip the old geezer a beer. Really people – if you are on antibiotics you can’t freaking drink.

Sunday 7-3 Well grocery shopping and a melt down later. Could it be because I am exhausted? Could it be that time of the month? Could is be I just don’t care anymore? I don’t know, but I do know that I can’t keep this up any more. Bunny & I sat with the GP for a bit this afternoon. I read, Bunny watched TV, then I had to leave to get ready for work – did the cooking thing & the packing thing & was ready to roll out on time. (FYI Coconut Chicken is WONDERFUL)

Monday 7-4 So Bunny is watching the GP & I’m at working. This is a bad thing. I’m really trying to understand how it is that my BF of less than 6 months is doing more for my family than FF is? Or any of my cousins for that matter? It’s like they are all just too good to come and sit with a dying old man.

I so want a Rita. Okay, so got home from work & planned a 4th of July party/cook out with mom & promised to get up for it. LOL. So I went and crashed hard (Bunny too for a little bit) got woken up with Daddy-O pounding on the Lamp. So I got up, got dressed and headed down to the house. I must say that I enjoyed myself immensely. Truly I did. (There is a note about growing butterflies that goes along with today). So after eating with the family & playing with LL – I was ready for another nap & then it’s off to work!!! Good news is – left overs for dindin! No cooking needed.

Tuesday 7-5 ARGH!!! Had a major mess at work tonight cause of well you know who and its someone a lot less scary than Lord Voldemort. I hate cleaning up other peoples messes.

Well due to my phone fritzing out – I had to go to AT&T this morning and hang out til after 10a so I could hopefully get my phone fixed. Not happening, but I did get a new HTC Inspire (which is what I had) then it was rush over to GPs to sit with him while Daddy-O ran some errands. Now I’ll tell you this because well it’s easier to type then it is to say – that scared the ever loving fuck right on out of me. There I was sitting with GP, just killing time reading a book and he starts gurgling – it truly sounded like he was drowning. He got up, he sat down, he got up, he sat down, he couldn’t breath – then he started to shake, he looked at me – his eyes wide with panic and then they rolled up into the back of his head and he slumped over. I honestly thought he’d died, but he was still rattling a little. So I called Dad and told him to come back home & called Hospice to let them know, but after about 5 minutes I noticed a think mucusy discharge from his mouth & got it cleaned up and then he started sounding better. Guess that gunk got stuck in his throat. So then GP started “getting better”. Well Dad still called the priest & got Last Rites done today.

I have the best Bunny in the world. He is staying with GP again tonight after working a 12 hour shift – he either really loves me or is really crazy. Take a guess which.

Wednesday 7-6 Well work was uneventful and the morning was on par with GP – he’s dieing by inches and it is painful to watch, but what else can we do.

Good news tonight – GM is back at home. Now this does not release any of us from familial duty, but it does make it a bit easier to handle. Even if she is slightly off her rocker now. Bunny sat with them again tonight

Thursday 7-7 Work was smooth & easy – worked on my Summertime Playlist & fiddled around with a bunch of nonsense.

Got off work and hauled a$$ to Dr M’s office to be with Momma Luv for her follow up, gotta be diligent with her health. I don’t need her going blah while I’m trying to keep Daddy-O focused. Then it was break the bank time by paying bills bills bills. I’m gonna create a bill paying playlist LOL. That should be interesting – anywhos – got Target, RC, LB & Storage paid today. Can’t wait to send the last payments in. Wahoo!!

Friday 7-8 Finished off my SummerTime Playlist – keep your eyes open and you maybe able to check out some of the songs on it. I’m gonna try to be a bit better with posting playlists & the like, but that is really something that is hit or miss.

Gave myself a mani while working – okay I repainted my nails. I didn’t even strip the polish. If I’m sitting with the GPs tonight I’ll do a full strip job on them, but I wanted pretty pink nails for lunch today!!! Cause I’m doing a lady who lunches with my shining star.

That was oodles of fun - SS & myself only - no one else. We had nachos & coffee with tons of chit & a little chat. Afterwards, we went to a little boutique antique shop with a crazy owner.

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