Week in Review

Saturday 7-9 OMG – what have I got myself into????? Taking care of these 2 is WAAAAAY more than I bargained for. Every 20-30 mins GM was screaming at the top of her lungs – GP is up, he’s touching me, he farted, I need to pee. GP was pretty good, got up a couple of time. Best news of the day – Bunny didn’t have to work so he was able to sit up with me. Yay!! And then we got to sleep together. There is nothing more comforting than falling asleep in your bunny’s arms. *sigh* That was nice.

Sunday 7-10 Sat with the GPs again tonight. She was a little easier to deal with, not quiet as much yelling, however the newest trick is that she started poking GP. Supposedly it was to check to see if he was still alive. LOL. God love her.

Caught a 3 hour nap and now I’m back up and into the fray because GM is having issues with the boys helping her and needed me. I’m extremely tired and there is to be no sleep in the morning as grand central station will commence at GPs starting at 9a.

Work was work but found out A LOT of mistakes were made by 3rd shift up north – hopefully things work themselves out.

Monday 7-11 I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – I have the best Bunny on the face of the planet. Even after dealing with a farting GP all night he’s in a good mood - laughing and joking about it. Looking forward to sleeping in his arms after I’m done with meetings galore.
  • HH (Jackie for GM) – said she is looking good,
  • Hospice (Ted for GP) – kept commenting that the comfort kit wasn’t ready yet & that worried him (side note called me couple of hours later to let me know it was ready for pick up), Home Instead (Martha for intro) – Daddy-O didn’t waste no time what’s the cost & check,
  • Apria (tech for concentrator) – done & done, &
  • Merry Maids (to clean) – good job ladies
Finally crashed out at 3 only to be woken up at 8:30pm with the news that GP had taken his last breath. Daddy-O was taking him to bed and he “seized” then started to shake & breathe hard, Dad called for James (who was there) and with help laid him on the bed, where he took his final breath a moment later at approximately 8:15p. Be at peace loved one – know that we will cherish your memory and bury the shell.

Mom came up to sit with GM while the final arrangements were being made. I went a sat with LL for a few mins so that DS could spend a few minutes with GM & Daddy-O. She hasn’t been that close since GP made some inappropriate comments.

Many thanks to the staff at Cape Fear Hospice for the professional way you handle everything by the way.

And the less pleasant side of things – had an altercation with the troll. I’m so fed up with these self important twees. My rant you didn’t bother to come down and assist in any way shape or form and yet you criticize anything I do. STF, troll. I’m not going to let you say any such nonsense to me. I’m not your friend in any way shape or form – quit stalking and you wouldn’t have to worry about what I say now would you, skank?

Tuesday 7-12 Work was stressful to say the least - battled the evil troll and her minions all flipping night. Got off work, hit the bank, fast food for breakfast, meet & greet with the Home Instead crew (still have to meet one), meet with Daddy-O, grocery store, home to visit, then some alone time with the bunny. Then sleep, blessed sleep, how I needed you.

Wednesday 7-13 OMG – really – this should be old hat for you – I phrased that so crystal that you should have been like oh, no problem, let me do this. Oh well, that’s why I don’t like the new system but not my problemo. Gotta report to the big boss that I need to call out Wed & Thurs to head to Ohio for the funeral.

Thursday 7-14 OMG - full freaking day and then some. Woke up checked on everyone, and hit the metaphorical pavement running. Call to the doctor, return call for results, family med care for junk, home, grocery store for 3 households, home, phone call from the doctor, call from the pharamcy, pharmacy - wait an hour for meds only to be told "hey we can't do this", home, complete & total waste of breath while the triplets argued about a medicine I didn't bring home *sigh* - car & a long drive

Friday 7-15 Funeral was today. Enough said.

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