Project Pagan Enough

I was cruising the web tonight & stumbled on a site Inciting a Riot and saw this

So, Project Pagan Enough is a movement, a cause, a Harmonious Riot that includes bloggers, podcasters, pagans, non-pagans, me, you, and the whole pagan community. It is my hope that the Project Pagan Enough logo becomes a beacon of progress and change for those of us living a magical life. By putting the Project Pagan Enough icon on your podcast's site, blog, or other website, you're making a set of promises:
  1. You are pagan enough, despite how you look, act, smell, dress, believe, or are.
  2. You recognize that others are pagan enough despite their appearance, smell, manner of dress, belief, practice, or other aspect.
  3. You recognize that you can have an academic debate on the finer points of belief or practice, but that it does not take away from someone else's level of being pagan.
  4. You welcome, befriend, and encourage others in the pagan community despite their appearance, dress, or other physical or superficial characteristic.
  5. You promise to treat members of other faiths, despite the faith, with honest-to-goodness fairness, equality, and grace, not judging them or their faith based on the actions of fringe members of their same faith.

Like the points of the pentacle, these 5 tenets of Project Pagan Enough work together and will, I hope, launch our community into a new era of tolerance, love, and all of the qualities we like to think we have.

And it got me thinking.

I know I've had some major issues with people (I like to call them tweedles) this past year & I wondered if I was guilty of being small minded or petty or even hypocritical. But then I realized that I do not exempt entire segements of people from my life. I meet someone and I automatically think the best of them (even when I have been told different by others) and I let the INDIVIDUAL make the choice for themselves.

I don't care if you are a fluffy bunny, corporate clone, Christian, Buddist, Poly, Bi, Gay or what. Treat me/mine fairly & I'll treat you fairly. But cross that line and you'll wish I'd just labeled you.

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