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Well I was doing my usual blog crawl (minus the drinking) and ran into a interesting post by Serenity Athenina over at The Domestic Pagan (FYI - I so want one of those cute little buttons but I haven't found/created my image yet LOL) Anyhoo - I was reading these articles she has up about Domestic Paganism & thought wow - in order to answer those questions I would need to explain my family. OMG - that's a scary thought, but since I want to do the fun part - I need to do the scary part.

My Family Life & Living Conditions

My lifestyle is a bit odd, you see a little over 2 years ago when I left Frog (due to his drinking, drugs, and infidelity) I moved back into my parents house for a month, this was basically so that I could
  1. Make sure I wanted to leave Frog
  2. Give me the chance to calm down
  3. Find an apartment preferably in the city limits this time
Well during my month of deciding I took a vacation down at the beach - just me & Divo (my puppy dog) and we did a lot of thinking. I had decided that I was not quite ready to call it quits on my marriage & that things could still work out, but when I got back home I was met with life altering news that my Mother had been dxed with colon cancer. Due to the nature of the mass & the location - the doctor's pushed really hard to get the surgery done ASAP. Less than a month later she's laid up from a surgical cut stem to stern and unable to do anything. So I stayed.

I stayed because my parents are literally 2 of the most important people in the world to me. In this day & age of disposable family members - my parents are still together & still here & still very much a part of my every day life.

Frog didn't/couldn't understand my explanation and begged me to return which I did briefly when one of my Father's brothers skanky daughter came to town & turned my family inside out. I was totally lost for that time period, but good over came evil yet again & she was vanquished to the frozen tundra & I made the final decision to call it quits on my marriage because even after telling me he wasn't drinking any more Frog came home blitzed out wasted one night - driving in like nothing was wrong. So since Mom was still very weak (and no longer had the soul sucker attached to her) I decided to move back home so I went out and bought a 20' travel trailer aka my Magic Lamp & set it up on my parents property, so now I live there with the rest of them but not under their roof - so I have peace of mind.

Every time I consider moving out of the Lamp something happens;
  • Mom got really sick & landed in the hospital with a septic bladder infection,
  • While in the hospital it was determined that her heart was starting to act wonky, so she went in for a pace maker
  • Dad didn't escape unscathed - he's had to have a procedure for urethra enlargement
  • And then GrandPa started slipping
So for the time being I'm content to stay where I'm at. When I talk about my family & my household - they are literally all intertwined. FYI, this is the current line up as of today 9-5-11 in descending age order.

Mobile Home:
GrandMa - My dad's step mother 101 years old. She actually lives by herself but someone now sits with her 24/7.
Big House:
Aunt Yvonne - She is my mom's oldest sister & is in town helping us with GM's nights
Mom - my Mother, my rock, my balance
Dad - my Daddy-O & my favorite guy - often conned out of clothing & what not
(Bucky, Prissy, Buddy Bird, & Buster)
Magic Lamp:
Bunny - recent addition to my life & Lamp
(Divo & CatCat)
The White House :
Sissy - my sister - school teacher extraordinaire
BIL - brother in law - mechanic - love of my sister's life
Neffie - Lucas, the love of my life & my favoritist kid
(Boo-Boo & Buddy)

All of these people & places constitute our house & our family. Even though most of the events take place at the Big House.

Now that you kinda know the players - I am gonna go jump on the band wagon for this stretch of the journey and here are my answers:

1. What is happening in your family or home that is going well?
Everyone is pitching in to get what needs to be done done & things seem to be moving right along. Family dinners are becoming a weekly event again & I love it. Schedules are starting to make sense again lol. Every one is getting time to themselves when they need/want it. Resentment has faded a lot.

2. What is going on in your family or home that needs improvement?
Me - I need to get off my lazy butt and start working at loosing weight & getting knocked up if that is what I decide.

At the Lamp I have a couple of repairish type issues that need to be seriously addressed - the holding tank is reeking because the air flow pipe got clogged some how, there is a water line that keeps popping of the pump to leak all over and the floor is now weak in a couple of place - and I need to get back on a plan. Divo is being a little ignored & Bunny's hobby mess is all over both inside & out and driving me crazy. Bunny & I need to get connected better or this isn't gonna work. And the ants are driving me bonkers!!!

At the Big House there are some projects that keep getting pushed off and Mom's getting upset over them, just need to re prioritize and put Mom at the top of the list for a couple of days so we can get her back on track. Dad needs to get caught up on all the work he missed out on while GP was still alive.

At the White house the issues are really none of my business except for the fact that Lucas is having major trouble in school.

3. What is your ideal family and home situation?
We moved out to the country on a piece of land big enough to give all of us the freedom to grow (flowers, veggies, self). We live in houses that were customized to our specifications - so mine is a little witch's cottage with the open floor plan downstairs with a large fireplace and a loft bedroom with a large custom nest bed. The kitchen area is perfectly designed to allow me to cook natural healthy food daily. The house is decorated exactly the way I wish it to be and I have several gardens all around. I have a meditation/yoga glassed in patio off the back of the house that doubles as a green house for winter & delicate plants. I am self sufficient focusing on giving readings & specialized treatments to those in need. My handymanish husband is understanding and supportive knowing that his carpentry projects are keeping us in the good life.

4. Take that ideal situation and break it down into goals.
1. I will cook healthy & natural meals.
2. I will make a list of all the repairs that need to be done & start working on them.
3. I will pull out my menu plans & shopping lists.
4. I will start playing with Divo more.
5. I will create an area for meditation & yoga.
6. I will create my nest bed in a smaller fashion in my current Lamp.
7. I will start networking for clients again.
8. I will keep up with the household calendar.
9. I will continue to eliminate unnecessary items from my life.
10. I have plenty of room for a garden now - I will make plans to use the space for next year.

5. What mundane efforts are you making or do you plan to make to achieve these goals?
I will pull out my meal planners/grocery list & start using them. I will put up the wipe board on the front of the fridge so we can leave notes.

6. What do you believe makes domestic activity spiritual?
A clean house is a happy house, happy house means happy family, happy family mean happy momma. I want to start to incorporate the wheel of the year into my decor & decorations.

7. What are you doing that makes your everyday domestic activity spiritual?
I haven't been doing anything but would love to return to yoga/meditation including a total smudging/cleansing of the house.

8. What could you be doing to make your everyday domestic activity more spiritual?
I could be doing my daily house blessing, my self blessing - hell I could be doing anything at this point in time.

9. Using the answers to the three previous questions about spirituality, make a list of your spiritual goals regarding your domestic activity.
1. I will turn my repeatable items in ritualettes.
2. I will honor the Goddess by incorporating her image into my residence.
3. I will meditate.
4. I will start bringing my life back outside by finding a natural bug repellent.
5. I will stop complaining about things that are out of my control.
6. I will start cooking my food in a healthy engery pattern (stop banging the pans/spoons, stirring clockwise)
7. I will resume reading books on Goddess Worship & spirituality.
8. I will set up an alter both inside and outside.
9. I will use my bathing time as a self love ritual.

10. For those that practice magick, what can you do magickally to achieve the domestic goals you have chosen?
I will have to give this more thought and return to this question

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