Book: Postcard Killers

James Patterson & Liza Marklund
Little, Brown & Co / 2010
Quality Paperback / 432 Pages

Paris is lovely in the spring, but for tourists, it's even more enthralling in the summer. For all visitors, that is, except NYPD detective Jacob Kanon, whose warm-weathered sojourn is laser-focused on the man who murdered his beloved daughter. James Patterson's The Postcard Killers tracks a serial killer who stalks his youthful prey in the cultural capitals of Europe. An intense, action-packed Patterson thriller.

I picked this book up because The tag line "The scariest vacation thriller...ever"

What I liked the Most? The use of obscure but famous paintings

What I liked the Least? Wrapped up a little to neat for my taste

Review: I'm torn on this book - I loved the concept, the fast pace, the brutality of the murders, but felt that the characters were totally unremarkable, with stilted obligatory relationships, and the ending felt rushed.

There are severeal questions that are posed through out the book that never get answered but rather than create a set up for another book they dwindle into obscurity.

The team of Patterson & Marklund get an "A" for the solid plot with intricate plot twists, but a "D" on character interaction & an "E" on the ending, it was disappointing.

Recommended to: Fans of thrillers

Best Quote: "I do too have to shout. It makes me feel better."

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