Solitary Mabon

Items needed
A Bell
A Athame
A red candle
A Chalice
A Pentacle
A small bowl of water
A Red Alter Cloth
A Wicker Basket
A Red Apple
Assorted Fruits and Vegetables of the Second Harvest (Berries, Squash, Corn, etc)
A Fallen Tree Branch
A Bolline
A Sprig or Two of Ivy
An Autumn Blend Incense
Any other Personal items of choice

Sweep area, moving in a deosil (clockwise) manner. Outline your Circle with a red cord, low vibration stones, or various Harvest items such as wheat, corn, beans, etc. Set up your alter and place the red alter cloth over it. At center top, place the wicker basket, filled with the assorted fruit and vegetables. Place the apple and the bolline on your Pentacle or a plate. Place the tree branch to the right of the basket. Place the rest of your tools and props according to your personal preference. Take a shower or bath for purity. Sit quietly and meditate to ground and center. When you are ready, begin by playing some soothing music associated with the Sabbat and your ritual.

Light the red candle and incense.
Ring the bell three times, then say:
"Let it be known the circle is about to be cast."

Beginning in the east, walking deosil, draw a circle around your available work space with the athame, saying:
"Here is the boundary of the circle of power
A protection that shall contain the power raised herein
Naught but love shall enter in
Naught but love shall emerge from within."

Lower the tip of the athame into the water, saying:
"As water is life's beginning
So salt is its end."

Scoop three pinches salt into the water with the athame and stir deosil, saying:
"Combined, they bring forth new life."

Draw a circle with the Holy Water, tracing the same circle you drew before with the athame. Then draw the circle with the incense, then the red candle.

Anoint yourself with Holy Water at the third eye, lips, throat, heart, feet, saying:
"I consecrate myself, [magickal name], in the names of the God and the Goddess."

Move to the East, and with the athame, draw an invoking Air pentagram, saying:
"Hail, forces of the East, powers of Air.
Golden eagle of the dawn,
Rising sun, Come.
By the air that is His breath,
Send forth Your light, Be here now."

Kiss the blade of athame. Then move to the South, and draw an invoking Fire pentagram, saying:
"Hail, forces of the South, powers of Fire.
Red lion of the noon heat,
Sparks of life, Come.
By the fire that is His spirit,
Send forth Your flame, Be here now."

Kiss the blade of athame. Then move to the West, and draw an invoking Water pentagram, saying:
"Hail, forces of the West, powers of Water.
Blue dolphin of dusk,
Ocean waves, Come.
By the waters of Her living womb,
Send forth Your flow, Be here now."

Kiss the blade of athame. Then move to the North, and draw an invoking Earth pentagram, saying:
"Hail, forces of the North, powers of Earth.
Black bull of midnight,
Fertile field, Come.
By the earth that is Her body,
Send forth Your strength, Be here now."

Kiss the blade of athame and return to the altar. Raising your athame high in salute, say:
"From cave and desert, sea and hill,
By incense, blade, cup, and pentacle,
All hail the Four Quarters!"

Assume the Goddess position and say:
"Crescent One of the starry skies
Flowered One of the fertile plain
Flowing One of the ocean's rolls
Blessed One of the gentle rains
Gracious Goddess, descend I ask,
Be with me in my sacred rite."

Assume the God position and say:
"Horned One of the wilderness
Winged One of the deep blue skies
Rayed One of the splendorous sun
Fallen One of the Samhain cries
Glorious God, descend I ask,
Be with me in my sacred rite."

Return to normal standing position and say:
"May the powers of the One
The source of all creation;
May the Goddess, Lady of the Moon,
And the God, Hunter of the Sun;
May the powers of the creative forces,
Rulers of the elemental realms;
May the powers of the stars above and the earth below
Bless this place, and this time, and I who am with You."

Ring the bell three times then say:
"The circle is now cast
I am between the worlds
Beyond the boundaries of time
Where night and day,
Birth and death,
Joy and sorrow,
Meet as One."

Pick up your Wand in right hand, face alter, and with arms stretched out above head,

"I honor Thee, Autumn Queen, and Thy consort, the God of the Harvest.
The Wheel has once more turned, and the change of season begins.
What will be is. What was will be.
The Equinox is upon us, and the time to reflect, at hand.
All time comes together, here and now in this sacred space.
And we, but a moment in time, feel the change as we pass From one season to the next.
The Second Harvest has been reaped, and the time of rest is deserved.
Go now Our Mother and slumber.
Go now Our Father and dream of re-birth.
We shall be here to greet Thee on Your return."

With arms still out-stretched lower head and close eyes. Contemplate what you have just spoken.

When ready, open your eyes and lower your arms. Pick up the apple and place it in the center of the Pentacle/plate. Cut it crosswise with the Bolline, to reveal the natural pentagram at it's core. Then lift half the apple, pentagram up, as if in offering, while saying:

"As the Wheel turns, the seasons pass, and the years give 'way To the next,
Guide us most Wise Ones,
Lest we forget
Every beginning has an ending
And every ending is a new beginning."

Take a bite of the apple. Put the rest aside to share later with the wildlife. Pick up the tree branch and shake once at each direction, starting with North, saying:

"As the days grow colder, and the nights last longer,
May we remember the summer past.

With sunlight fading, and hearth inviting,
Our memories will warm our souls.

From a season of hard work and hard play,
We hear the Mother's voice calling us forward.

While we rest, shall She lull us, with songs of a dream,
As close to Her bosom we cling."

Face the alter and hold the branch out in front of you with both hands, saying:

"With memories of the summer, least we never forget,
And aspirings for the colder months to come,
Least we never stop striving,
We honor Thee with this symbol of Nature,
Keeping it and Thee in our home and heart,
That we may see it and pause,
To reflect on the Ancient Mysteries,
Leading us to a better understanding of ourselves,
And of others, and all that is Life."

Put the tree branch on the alter, into the basket of fruit so that it sticks out, back in your direction. Contemplate on the various memory symbols that you have attached to it. Also contemplate on the various projects for autumn and winter that you have attached to it. Close your eyes and feel the seasons pass within the circle from summer to autumn. When ready, say:

"Between the worlds we stand in this sacred place.
All time is here and now.
As we leave this circle, the season shall have changed,
And we will have changed with it.
May we use the short time of Winter Finding
To draw the strength and power from within
As we quest for vision, understanding, and peace."

Pick up the sprig(s) of ivy, and wrap around your arms, from the elbow to the wrist. Pick up the Bell with your right hand, and ring thrice, to toll the passing of the first 3 seasons of the year. Now place it in your left hand and ring once to usher in the 4th and last season of the year. Place the bell on the alter and the ivy in your cauldron (for burning later).

"In Life is Death, and in Death is Life.
The Sacred Dance goes on and on
From whence we came, we shall return,
And come again.
Seasons pass, and pass again,
The circle stays unbroken
Heed the words of your children, here,
Through Your wisdom we have spoken."

It is now time for meditation and spellworking. Associated spellworkings would include those for protection, wealth, security, and self-confidence.

Cakes & Ale
Take the drink-filled chalice in left hand and athame in right. Slowly lower athame into chalice, saying:
"As the athame is to the male, so the chalice is to the female;
And conjoined, they become one in truth.
Let the fruits of union promote life.
Let all be fruitful and let wealth be spread throughout the lands."

Take a sip of the drink.
Hold the plate of cakes in left hand and athame in right. Draw an invoking Earth pentagram over the cakes, saying:
"Oh gracious Lord and Lady of abundance,
Bless these cakes and infuse them with Your love,
Bestowing health, strength, joy and peace."

Ring the bell three times, then say:
"As I came in love and friendship, I leave the same way.
Let me spread the love outward to all;
Sharing it with those I meet."

Go to the North. With the athame, draw a banishing Earth pentagram and say:
"Powers of the North, thank you for your time.
Empower my magick with solid foundations
So that it may grow daily in my heart. Farewell."

Move to the West, draw a banishing Water pentagram and say:
"Powers of the West, thank you for your time.
Empower my magick with inspiration
So that it flows freely in and around my life. Farewell."

Move to the South, draw a banishing Fire pentagram and say:
"Powers of the South, thank you for your time.
Empower my magick with passionate energy
As a source of encouragement in my heart. Farewell."

Move to the East, draw a banishing Air pentagram and say:
"Powers of the East, thank you for your time.
Empower my magick with your creative winds
So that it may ever be a source of hope in my life. Farewell."

Return to the altar. Raise the athame high in salute and say:
"Goddess and God,
I thank You for Your presence,
For light and love, for night and change.
Merry did I come here and Merry do I part,
To merry come again.
Let me honor You and be guided by You
In all matters.
Hail and farewell! Blessed be."

Kiss the blade of the athame and say:
"The circle is now open, but never unbroken."

*Find a fallen tree branch. It need not be a large one, for it will adorn your alter, then go on display in your home. The more smaller offshoots from the main branch, the better. Mine has four, which I think is awesome! Next, take a couple of pine cones, small shells, dried flowers, or any other item that reminds you of the late spring-summer months. With some string, tie each to the offshoots. Also take yarn or ribbon of yellows, oranges, reds, and gold and tie one end to the offshoots. Then, on very thin strips of (colored) paper, write down some projects to work on during the upcoming ' dark ' months. Wrap these around the offshoots (like little cocoons) and tie closed with silver thread. These you will open over the next couple of months when you start feeling lethargic or without a sense of direction. I tie on a couple of small bells, to add some ambiance to my ritual.

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