Week In Review 8-27 to 9-2

Saturday 8-27
Hurricane Irene moved in so I spent the morning curled up in the bed with Divo watching Charmed. Finally got up and went down to the big house around 11a to take a long soak in the tub. Then back out to the Lamp to get ready for dinner.

Then it was out to dinner with the entire family (plus Aunt Von) at Miyabi Kyoto - from the moment we walked in I was ready to hit BF over the head. He didn't like the smell of the place - the people in it - the fact that Lucas sat beside me. I finally snapped at him "Fine then leave - I'll ride home with my parents" & he stopped. I don't think he's realized that I can not be bullied when it comes to something I really want to do. So dinner was wonderful as normal - with Lucas entertaining me the whole time. I don't think Theresa & I have laughed nearly so much ever. Then when they came to celebrate my birthday - he got up and danced & took the picture with me.

After dinner we went to the Spirit Of Halloween store & BF bought his costume, then on the way home he bought my present - a gift card for Amazon for my Kindle. Home & relaxation on this my last night of vacation.
  • One More Drinking Song ~ Jerrod Nieman
  • Black long shirt/leggings/heeled boots
  • Miyabi Kyoto
  • No book today

Sunday 8-28
So I didn't hear from certain people on my birthday at all & then today everyone calls & no they didn't say happy birthday but rather hey can you do something for me. *sigh* I'm just a pawn in their lives right?

Did GM's groceries today & that was it, spent the rest of the day in the bed watching Charmed & dozing off & on.

I'm tired of trying to be the good guy.

  • Do You Believe Me Now ~ Jimmy Wayne
  • Black slacks/shrug/grey tank with lace/50s heels
  • Ribs & Taters
  • Elemental Masters #1 ~ The Fire Rose

Monday 8-29
Well after taking a couple of classic Tweedle phone calls and getting called a bitch and told to get up off my fat fucking ass - I decided overtime is not for me & came on home. Where I ran into the big house for all of 20 mins - long enough to say hey how are you & check my farm - then it was haul ass to the Lamp to jump into the bed & quickly watch the backs of my eyelids. LOL.

When I got up & spent some time with Bunny. We haven't been doing much snuggle time and tonight we actually stopped "rushing round" and spent about 30 mins just holding each other. That might be where the majority of our angst has come from - not taking the time to be with each other.

On the brighter (well at least wetter side) there is a classic thunder booming storm rolled in and it is majestic!

Oh yeah - started working on my eating habits again today - that should mean some new bento pics.
  • If You're Going Through Hell ~ Rodney Atkins
  • Grey spotted/black capris & soaking wet ballet flats
  • Long cooked stewed beef
  • EM1 ~ Fire Rose

Tuesday 8-30
Work went relatively smooth - lots of complaints from co workers though - evidently the other supervisors are not actually taking calls & working. This is an issue because the last time that happened corporate ended up pushing buttons until someone quit.

Off work & went to the gym to meet Frank for a work out - he's signing up for a couple of weeks, gotta get fit for his new job. Go Frank!

I don't know what is going on - but I can focus on the fact that Divo seems to be getting better & perhaps my life is starting to balance out.
  • Grenade ~ Bruno Mars
  • Black T, pink cargos, black flats
  • Chicken & Broccoli cooked in Coconut Oil
  • Book

Wednesday 8-31
Off work & rush around - returned the wheelchair (101 year old Granny says wheel chairs are for the elderly & she don't need it LOL), paid some bills, went to Sam's for dad, skipped some sleep - stayed MOSTLY on program but I must say those hot dogs at Sam's just aren't as good when you don't eat the bun & pickles too.

  • Tea Party ~ Kerli
  • Black T, capris, & flats
  • Chef's Salad
  • Play Dead ~ Annie Franklin

Thursday 9-1
Meeting Jinx for coffee & chat, then on to the mall to shop for a bit. Gotta see what's on clearance.
  • She's Country ~ Jason Aldean
  • Black sweats & Tee
  • Pork chops & Cabbage
  • Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix

Friday 9-2
  • Bad Girl Good Girl ~ Miss A
  • Black leggings, blue tank, & black shrug
  • Fair Food ~ Ribeye Steak sandwich & Leomonade
  • Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix

Until next week.

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