Clayton Fear Farm

OMG - if you are in NC during the month of October you must must must check out Clayton Fear Farm - it totally rocked. You get 7 attractions for $25 and it is worth it.

This year they had
  1. Fear Farm Academy - Seymour Phear’s plan to home-school his 12 brothers and sisters has gone horribly, horribly wrong. Report to the headmaster’s office at once; your punishment awaits! See the twisted teachings of the anatomy class and, if you have the stomach, sample today’s mystery meat in the cafeteria – Pork? Turkey??? Everyone gets teased a little bit in school, but this has gone way too far
  2. The Black Hole - HOLD ON TIGHT! Experience a dizzifying adventure into the abyss, where no living being has ever been . . . and no one on the other side ever wants to go. Unlike the heavens, those aren't stars spinning around you.
  3. Fear Forest Haunted Hayride - Experience the longest 20 minutes of your life. If generations of the Phear family no longer lie in the cemetery, where are they? Crawl on board a 40-foot hay wagon for an exploration into a part of the farm where few outsiders dare to go . . . and even fewer return. NOTE- the Haunted Hayride starts around 7:30 or dusk.
  4. Slaughterhouse - WARNING: KEEP ALL LIMBS IN CONTACT WITH BODY! See for yourself where the Phear Farm children developed their skills for meat processing at an early age. But beware! ... they also developed a taste for flesh beyond what they grew on the farm.
  5. The Farm House - A room-by-room tour through this not-so-typical farmhouse offers insight into why the family rarely had visitors. Amid the screams and howls, sleep was not an option . . . and an invitation to dinner might get you to the table, but not necessarily in a chair.
  6. A Walk In The Dark! - For years the locals wondered why the family cemetery out past the cornfields never grew any larger. Generations of family members were buried there, but no one realized they were using the same plots. So what happened to the bodies that were there before? Be careful where you step . . . you may find out.

  7. Corn Maze - 5 acres of total cornfusion, bring your own flashlight or we will be selling glow sticks. Give yourself plenty of time to get through one of the largest corn maze in Eastern North Carolina. Yep - that's my Bunny in the middle of the maize maze. LOL.

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