A Dicken's Christmas

A Fayetteville Tradition

On the Friday after Thanksgiving Fayetteville puts on it best old time clothes & appearance and turns the Downtown area into a Blast from the Past.

There is the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony & fireworks (we missed those lol)

And booths set up all around the block (this one features CeSea & Lori) - they were selling tatted lace ornaments & hand decorated eggs. There were boths selling hot spiced cider & gingerbread, clothing, hand crafted goodies of all types (lighted bottles, wreaths, stones, necklaces. Bunny bought a couple of stone skulls, a push pin Christmas tree for Little Man and would have bought me a wreath (but I think I can make one myself).

But my favorite part of the night was taking a carriage ride with my Bunny. It was most Magical and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

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