Book: Swiss Family Robinson

Johann David Wyss
Modern Pub / 1812
Hard Back / 352 Pages

A terrible storm strands a Swiss pastor, with his wife and four sons, on a tropical island. Luckily, the Robinsons are optimistic and inventive, and with what they salvage from the wrecked ship, and the island's abundant fruits, plants, and animals, they soon adapt--each day discovering new dangers, skills and delights in their strange new life.

I picked this book up because I loved the Disney Movie

What I liked the Most? Enslave or Kill everything

What I liked the Least? The preachy prissy father

Review: Let me first start by saying – this was an excellent book for the time period in which it was written. Not so much today. Back in the day, it was perfectly understandable that mankind thought that any oddity could be found on one island and that everything could be overcome with a prayer to God. In today’s time however, science has taught us that one island could not possibly support all the various animals & plants from such a diverse habitat. But still I enjoyed reading the classic and there were several laugh out loud points.

Recommended to: Fans of the classics

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