The Truth Will Set You Free

Before I can use this class I have to figure out what truth I want in my life.

Points from the class:
  • If you in any way are keeping a secret or pretending to be something that you are not, you will never ever become all you can be.
  • Keeping secrets are a waste of time for your body, your soul and your life.
  • Your life doesn’t have to be what everybody else thinks it should be.
  • Change your perception and see your life differently. Turn it around for yourself. Change your life.
  • Be 100% completely yourself. You can do it too and choose to live your best life.

Main Question:
What secret are you sick of keeping? When are you going to free yourself by telling it?
I’m tired of keeping my feelings secret & hidden. I want to be able to scream & yell & cry when I’m upset. I don’t know when I’ll be brave enough to be honest with myself & my loved ones.

Further exploration:
  1. How have the secrets you’ve been hiding impacted your life? I constantly block myself from being happy.
  2. If people really knew who you were, how do you think they would feel about you? I don’t know – I know that some of my “friends” would see my need to submit to a man to be abnormal, but I want that type of relationship.
  3. What is present in your life that’s absolutely intolerable? A better question would be what’s not intolerable, but mostly my house – it’s crowded and dirty and has ants. Also, my relationship with my boyfriend, I would really like him to step up on the domination factor.
  4. Have you ever told a secret you were afraid to reveal? Yes, I told my mother that I was molested by a friend’s step father.What were the consequences? She accused me of lying. Did you find people who accepted you? Not yet – I have not ever told anyone else.

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