Book: 51-50 The Magical Adventures of a Single Life

Kristen McGuiness
Soft Skull Press / 2010
Quality Paperback / 320 Pages

That was the social experiment Kristen McGuiness-single, living in LA, and entering her thirties-embarked upon. Was she destined to be a sober secretary eating ice-cream sandwiches alone at night? She was determined not to be and decided that if the perfect guy wasn't going to walk into her life, she'd find him herself. Told in a poignant, witty, and engaging style that blends the dating life with a sense of spirituality and pathos, 51/50 is an uproarious adventure that will inspire others to follow Kristen's courageous search for love.

I picked this book up because when I was going through my separation/divorce – just never read

What I liked the Most? The style of writing

What I liked the Least? Some of the flash backs were a little intense

Review: This book isn't so much about the men she dates as it is about her getting to a place where she can deal with her issues and be ready for a long term relationship and I loved it. I was totally into the whole honesty aspect.

Recommended to: Fans of autobilogical style books

Best Quote: “That’s the thing, baby girl, God knows what the chessboard looks like. You don’t know why the rook isn’t being moved yet, Only God knows it’s to protect the queen.”

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