Day 29: a date you’d love for someone to take you on

Wow this is a hard one - there are a couple
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride ~ cause I've always wanted to go on one.
  • Rock Climbing Wall ~ it sounds like it would be fun to do.
  • A Train Ride ~ I love love love riding the train. It is for me a truly blissful experience. I adore the sound and feel of the train running down the tracks. I would love to go on a date to no where and just ride the train down and back. Preferrably in a sleeper car cause I've never done that.
  • Scavenger Hunt ~ grab a list of nearly impossible items to find and just go for a drive (collect either item or picture)! I think it sounds like a really fun thing to do!
  • The Zoo ~ Because there are plenty of conversations starters are sure to keep the date flowing. Also you can pack a picnic lunch to have before or after (some zoos allow during but not the near by one), or get lunch there. There are educational shows to allow time to sit and listen - which leads to more conversation.
    Note to anyone planning this date for me just be prepared to spend an hour or two near the otters lol
  • But my favorite date night is take out & a movie at home. I just love getting all cozy in my jammies and cuddling up with some yummy food and cheesy movie. And if the movie gets boring we can always pull out a board game.

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