2-11 to 2-17

Saturday 2-11
Woke up at 6:30 in the morning and got dressed, ready to rock a cake. Its been a long week and all I really wanna do is curl up in bed to sleep, but guess everyone feels that last weekend was my only shot to do that this year.
  • If I Were a Boy
  • Pink Cami, Yoga Pants, & Black wrap with flips
  • Golden Corral (With all the fam + James’ Mom
  • Nothing (I didn’t have time to read today)
  • Smallville Season 3

Sunday 2-12
OMG – really? Why I am up at 8:30a when I have to go to work tonight. And it’s not like I can catch a nap later beause we are going out to dinner tonight. But BF couldn’t leave me alone, he was up and wanted to go do something – anything and woke me up to go with. As if – if I can’t stay asleep, I’m staying in bed. Join me or not – your choice.
  • I Don’t Want This Night To End
  • Black dress slacks, leopard print shell, 50s heels with my Dressy Jacket
  • Miyabi’s Japanese Steak House – OH SOOOO YUMMY!! – dessert was Aquarium Cake
  • Nothing (I didn’t have time to read today)
  • Smallville Season 3 & Started Season 4

Monday 2-13

  • Stupid Hoes
  • Black dress slacks, red cami, black shrug
  • Bento/Meal
  • Book

Tuesday 2-14
Out to breakfast with BF & his mom, hit the cafeteria for overcooked nastiness (but it’s cheap & she likes the place oh well) – Stopped at Ulta on the way home and scored some make up. As I stated in last weeks update, I’ve been watching some youtube vids and I’ve been itching to start girling it up again.
  • Give Me All Your Luvin’
  • Black slouchs, black/grey v stripe
  • Steak & Taters
  • Diva Takes The Cake

Ok, up, hair & make up done, clothes are cute and ready for work in 10mins – new record for me.

Argh – drama on the way into work & drama at work – I don’t want no more drama. Someone ride that damn Llama out of town please.

Wednesday 2-15
Coffee with my Chrissy – I love coffee dates with her. We can talk about anything at all, and there’s no judgment.
  • Domino
  • Black yogas, black/grey leopard tank, tennies
  • Home Cooked Yummy – pork chop, mac & cheese, cabbage – strawberries & pound cake
  • Diva Takes the Cake (finished)

Told BF no more smoking – he’s causing me to wake up craving a smoke because he goes out, drags, then comes right inside and watches TV next to the bed. So I wake up with a desire for a cigarette.

Thursday 2-16
  • Turn On The Radio
  • Jeans, Tshirt, Flips
  • Fajitas
  • Diva Paints the Town

Coffee with Jinx this morning – its fun just to get out of the house and girl talk some times.

Mom is scheduled for her cataract removal/replacement lens surgery. Got her second set of measurements today (one more set scheduled next week)

Friday 2-17
OMG – I hate indecisive people. BF wants to drive to the beach to pick up a part for the lamp (part cost alone – picking up $80 ordering online $60) so I recommend that if we are driving any way, let’s snag a hotel room and take a night to ourselves. Maybe hit something like Medieval Times for dinner & a show or go Magiquest for some game time. He’s all wishy washy about the cost. If the fucking money was a problem, hell, I’ll stay home and order the damn part.

  • Stupid Hoes

  • Diva Paints the Town

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