2-4 to 2-10

Saturday 2-4
Sick sick sick – I’m not sure I’ll EVER get out of bed again. Skipped Imbolc with the group so that I could sleep. I’m almost looking forward to death tonight.
  • Tomorrow (the theme from Annie)
  • Jammies
  • I’m not sure I ate today
  • Reading makes my head hurt, but I did watch
  • Smallville Season 1

Sunday 2-5
Skipped Imbolc with BF’s group. Spent a very large portion of the day sound asleep (thanks in no small part to the sheer amount of sleep inducement in all the medications the dr put me on) but finally woke up and started to fell somewhat human again. Once I took a long hot shower it seemed the yuckies have abated somewhat & I could once again function as at least a partial human.
  • Survivor – Destiny’s Child
  • Jammies (for most of the day) Red hippy shirt with black leggings & high heel hikers (for work)
  • Did I eat before I left for work
  • Reading hurts my head
  • Smallville Season 2 (half the season)

Got to work and OMG I know the end of CentraComm is right around the corner. We were supposed to get new equipment and instead they came down and looted the corpse. I swear grave robbing was on the agenda. Perhaps it is time to start looking for a new job.

Monday 2-6
Of course, one of the looted desks just so happened to be mine, so I was moved to a new location (right under the camera’s eye) and spent the majority of the night cleaning (you would not even begin to believe the sheer amount of yuck that came out of the key board) and setting up my new work home. I’m fairly happy with the way it turned out. Of course I do have a few other things I will be adding (Lucas’ picture & some artwork/personal fan/pens/etc) but this is a good start. I’m fairly happy with the way it came out. However, it appears that the whole chest malfunction may have actually stemmed from work, with in 30 mins of being back I started coughing, sneezing, loosing my voice – I just don’t understand this.

After work I contacted my Doc and he seems to think that it may be allergies from something at work and has suggested an OTC allergy medication which I started today. Went down to the big house and played on the puter, tried to schedule Mom’s Restor surgery, then bathed/showered and finally meds & bed. I was asleep almost before my head hit the pillow.
  • Slob on My Knob – Kendra style – I swear she is such a blonde
  • Black baggies with Zebra top & flips
  • Rotisserie Chicken & Cabbage
  • Spellbound by Kelley Armstrong (well started it)
  • Girls Next Door Season 2

I do not recommend the drug cocktail that I had this morning. Wowser, knocks you out and makes it extremely difficulty to get out of bed – but man did I sleep deep. Oops, no bento for either me or LM, guess I’ll shoot for next week to start healthy lunches again. Spoke with Jinx when I got out the door and evi I’m not the only one falling apart at the seams. Hopefully, we will be able to hook up for coffee some time this week. Since I’m limiting my contact with everyone else – it should be a snap to fit in.

Tuesday 2-7
After a few minor tweaks to my existing set up – I think I’m approaching happy with the newest configuration. Now how long do I have before someone fucks it up. LOL.

Couldn’t wait to get off to get off work so I could totally check out the newest Rupaul’s Drag Race!!!
  • Head Over Heels ~ Tears for Fears (random play on iTunes)
  • Black Zippers with the black/grey spotted tank & shrug
  • Burnt Pizza – so unhealthy, but so yummy
  • Spellbound & Guilty Pleasures
  • Ultravoilet (2 ways – regular and with Milla’s commentary hi-larious)

Wednesday 2-8
Did my feet at work tonight & I feel soooo much better.
  • Happy Birthday to You (for my sissy)
  • Black Baggies with blue lace tank & cowl wrap – don’t forget the flips
  • Coconut Chicken & Broccoli (bento posted)
  • Spellbound & Guilty Pleasures ~ I can’t focus!!
  • Smallville Season 2

Woke up feeling very very blah today – like something is out of place but for the life of me, I can’t nail down the reason. I’m disconnected yet strangely depressed about something. Could be the Chantix (trying to stop/not start smoking again you know). Ran into BH to check in with the momma and almost had to take her to the ER due to BP running hot. Waited a few and checked it again, whew, faulty equipment, it was back to normal. Evidently if you attempt to check your BP when the monitor is saying low battery it will give you a wrong reading.

Thursday 2-9
Was doing a video crawl just typing in random words and happened onto a girl doing plus size fashion vids & while I don’t get her fashion choices I checked out her blog. Must say I was impressed because she is apparently going through some major crap and is currently restructuring her life and it empowered me to make some changes. Now to just figure out what changes I wanna do.

Also managed to get my locker straightened out while on break.

Went out to a late dinner (early lunch for the rest of you folks) with the BF. Went to Su’s Subs – it’s a local joint kinda hole in the wall eatery. I must say that my favorite food ever, steak & cheese sub, and of all the places I get it from, this is the best. It’s a big meaty sub and it really satisfies my soul, then home to curl up in bed (alone) and watch some TV before passing out cold. Update on some of the going ons with me. I haven’t really talked to any one this week. I’m kinda taking a sabbatical from the drama. Its sad when you kinda drift off and no one thinks to look for you, but oh well what else could I do.
  • Pour Some Sugar On Me ~ Def Leopard
  • Jeans & Black collared button up
  • Fast food madness – yuck!!!
  • The Laughing Corpse
  • Started Smallville Season 3

Oh goddess it was impossible to get out of the bed tonight.

Friday 2-10
Rewatched and reviewed the first 2 episodes of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 4. I love to laugh at these Queens. Also watched some more style vids. I’m starting to get inspired to do some OOTD pics or vids. And I know I need to post some of the knitting stuff online. I’ll think about it. So tell me what would you like to see here.

Spent some time with the BF doing random life time stuff.
  • Saving All My Love For You
  • Jammies (once I got home *giggle*)
  • Italian madness
  • The Diva Takes the Cake
  • I fell asleep too quickly for anything lol

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