New Work Station

So anyway - we were supposed to get new equipment at work but instead they took a lot of our stations out, so I got moved to a middle unit in full view of the camera. And since it is under the camera all of my coworkers avoid it like the plague - so even though we are down by half our stations - I'm still at a desk by myself.

As you can see I went with one up one down for the monitors, because this is an enclosed station (3 sided) the way I had bot monitors up wasn't working so I did a one up one down and rearranged the way I set up the monitors themselves. Windows taskbar to the left, cc monitor top left instead of bottom right, that kind of thing. I used the other stool to elevate the pencil cup (and Share Bear) - with the headset controls underneath along with my teas.

The walls have company memos up, the schedule, calendar and 2 pictures. Not much I know but if nothing happens in the next couple of weeks I may invest in some cubicle accessories.

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