Week 2-18 to 2-24

Saturday 2-18
Please see other entry lol
  • Margaritaville
  • Pink & Black
  • Medieval Times Baby Dragon
  • Didn’t read or watch TV at all

Sunday 2-19
How relaxing I slept until I wanted to wake up. It was truly a good weekend. Got up in time to go out to dinner with the family for John L’s Bday. So it’s all good.
  • Carolina Girls (I’m still in beach mode even if it’s cold)
  • Black capris & tshirt
  • Ribeye, fries & salad
  • Didn’t read anything
  • Smallville Season 5

Well got to work and it’s all too apparent that I am persona non grata around there. Oh well. I have every right to my opinion no matter what the trashy aspect of work thinks. Well if she has the balls to confront me I will tell her why she is wrong.

Monday 2-20
Off work and took Momma & Dad out to breakfast this morning. Nothing fancy, just fast food, but it’s one little way to say thank you for all they do. Long hot shower then it was off to bed!!
  • Country Must Be Country Wide
  • Black slacks, red lace cami, black holy sweater
  • Micro meals
  • Diva Paints the Town (finished) Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun
  • Nothing

And the work silence continues lol. I’m loving it.

Tuesday 2-21
Got off work and hit Target looking for a few items, root pump hair spray, round brush, storage box(es), and the latest JD Robb. Got everything on my list EXCEPT the book. Oh well, that’s life. I was eager to get home and set up my make up/hair station in the postage size bathroom that I have. But then I got kinda freaked out.

Let me explain. BF & I went to lunch at BWW (no big shock we go all the time) but when we left I had a massively horrendous very bad episode. My head got light & fuzzy, then my vision started to spin like a uncontrolled top, I was looking straight ahead & what ever I was looking at would just spin, like it was in a dryer. BF drove me home & put me to bed, and then the world lost color. Not like total colorless, but reds were dingy and dull, blue kinda looked grey, then I passed out cold.
  • You are so beautiful
  • Black tank dress & blue shruggy
  • Wings & Ice Cream
  • Circus of the Damned
  • Smallville Season 5

Got up & straightened up the bathroom. As soon as I finish getting everything organized (could be today) I’ll get some pictures up and we’ll see what you think.

Wednesday 2-22
Yay!! Chocolate ice cream to the rescue!! Now I’m feeling soooo much better.

Off work and out the door asap – gonna go home, finish organizing my bathroom and then crash hard & fast.
  • Shake It Out
  • Black zips, blue cami, ballet shrug
  • Chicken Salad
  • Fragile Eternity
  • Smallville Season 5

Up early and cooked some chicken for a salad and got my hair & make up done. Wahoo! I might stand a chance at being a girly girl.

Thursday 2-23
Coffee with Jinx, lunch & shopping with mom, then wait for forever at her doctor’s appointment. Nice long shower when we got home. Then bed and sleepy bye land for me.
  • Stupid Hoes
  • Black & Pink yoga gear
  • Mickey D’s
  • Nothing Really
  • Smallville Season 6

Friday 2-24
PayDay! And there are bills to be paid and a Home & Garden Show to attend.

  • Freebird
  • See Thursday
  • Fair Food
  • Nada
  • Tucker & Dale VS Evil

Home & Garden show was mostly a bust, but I did enjoy talking with the Master Gardeners.

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