Changing My Wardrobe

Deb Hanrahan
Young Adult
Philyra / 5-11
Paperback / 257 pages

Could you improve your social standing by simply changing your wardrobe? Would new shoes make you more popular? Would a new top get you the guy? Would cleaning out your closet make the mean girls go away? Lindsey certainly hopes so.

Changing My Wardrobe is a tragic high school drama about starting over, fitting in, and discovering the truth about what really matters. It's a story about friendship, first love, and soul-crushing loss. It's a story about a person's choices, good and bad, and the unexpected and far-reaching consequences of those choices.

I picked this book up because I loved the polka dotted shoes

What I liked the Most? The insecurity that Lindsey feels almost every day

What I liked the Least? The bullying (but it really is the central story line) but especially the scene in the mall - you'll figure it out

Review: I love people who are so in your face that they don't mind tackling the "hush hush". And Ms Hanrahan tackled finding yourself & bullying in this book, with panache. I don't want to give anything away, but you will find yourself (as an adult) questioning the relationships in your childrens (neice's/nephew's/friends) lives.

I don't want to give away anything of the story, but that makes it really hard to write the review.

Lindsey (the kid that every parent wishes they had; intelligent, kind and responsible) starts her first day of high school, dressed in clothes her best friend, Teeny, picked out; but she is still feeling extremely painfully paranoid and truly petrified . You see in junior high she was tormented daily by the QBIT (queen bitch in training), Avery, and her squad of popular girls. And she is worried that QBIT will come after her again this year and she doesn't know if she can handle another year of torment. During the course of the story you'll see how one "borrowed" phone & a sneaky bit of photoshopping equals scandal, and that in this day of facebook, twitter, cell phones, & instant connection - you are never truly alone, and this book pushes that knowledge front & center.

Forewarning: this isn't a happily ever after kind of story

Recommended to: I honestly cannot recommend this book enough. I strongly believe that each and everyone should read this book.

Best Quote: “Whenever I hear a kid complain about their parents or even their siblings, I want to shake them. They don't realize what they have, and they especially don't realize that it could be taken away from them at any time.”

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